Interview with Nicholas Holland of Side Hobby

26 10 2009

I wrote a brief article not too long ago about a recent iPhone obsession of mine called gpsAssassins; if you haven’t checked it out please do so. Due to that obsession and my obvious persistent nature I recently had the opportunity to ask Nicholas Holland CEO of Side Hobby, who developed gpsAssassins, a few questions about their game along with the overall challenges that arise when developing for the iPhone. Check out the full written exchange below. Enjoy!



gpsAssassins: A Perfect Way to Kill Time

24 10 2009


With the possession of the iPhone comes the opportunity to play thousands of games. While personally my thoughts of the iPhone as a gaming platform are still undecided I can not deny that many of the games are excellent for those small doses of time that you need to fill.

A perfect example of that is the recently released text based role playing game called “gpsAssassins: Kill your Neighbor” where the basis is kill or be killed.