About Me

8 12 2008

I am just your average guy with a passion for gaming. However, the dream is obviously to someday be propelled into a career that shares my passion. But for now I can only hope to satisfy that hunger and give back to a community that has given me so much over the years. This blog will be a collection of that work as well as the trials and tribulations throughout my journey.

So, you may ask, why start a blog especially given the vast amount of blogs already out there? Well, after meddling so long about what to do or how to get into this niche, or better yet establish myself for a future career I figured the best thing to do was to just get started. As they say, any action is better than no action. This may or may not become anything in the future; however my hope is that it will. At the very least I am optimistic this will lead to other opportunities while I get the chance to learn and provide relevant information.

Lastly, you may be curious why I choose the name “Beyond the D-pad”? I wish I could say it was the first name I thought of but that wouldn’t be the truth. Again I put a lot of thought into what I was trying to accomplish, why I initially set up this blog and where I eventually hoped it would go. After all that and many failed names I choose “Beyond the D-pad” because it incorporated all of the things I wanted. For instance, it still had a gaming orientation which will be the core of this blog while also allowing me to blog on things outside that specific arena with the reference to “beyond”. The D-Pad or directional pad has a specific link to me, my life is about to go in a different direction, thanks to this blog. I also wanted the opportunity to address the possible “Ups & Downs” of this adventure I am about to set sail on.

If this isn’t all you ever wanted to know about me and have a specific question or just have any sort of feedback, I would be happy to answer it. Simply just write a comment below or send me an email directly by clicking here. In the future you will be able to access this post on the “About Me” page. So, for now I look forward to this journey and glad that you are here with me.



5 12 2008

As my first post I would first like to thank you for visiting my corner of the blogging world, with many places to go I appreciate you being here. I have great things and high hopes and I hope you can all be a part of it. Feel free to check out my “About Me” section which will give you a better understand of the overall intent of the this blog and how and why it was started.

If you have any feedback or any suggestion I would love to hear them since I am a complete novice to this entire thing. (Your suggestions/comments are welcomed below) I hope you would subscribe to this Blog as the updates will begin shortly as I already have multiple articles in the works.

Until next time…