Dante’s Inferno Trophy Guide

26 08 2010

Its currently 110 degrees outside as I write this which means it is summertime and in the gaming world that is synonymous with a halt in games being released. What do most gamers do? They either power through that long back log that has built up or try to finish up and complete a few games. Which is exactly what I did while enjoying the comfort of the A/C with Dante’s Inferno. Here is a road map along with some of my tips on how I obtained that elusive platinum trophy. Now get out there and start hunting for yourself.



inFAMOUS Trophy Guide

6 04 2010

One of my favorite games of last year was undoubtedly inFamous, heck it even made my annual Game of The Year post. Therefore I was happy to hear the recent news that inFamous is becoming one of the PlayStation 3 Greatest Hit’s titles. This will ensure a larger audience will be able to experience this refreshing title. So due to that larger audience it’s safe to assume more people will begin their quest for that ever elusive platinum trophy. For that reason I figured now is as good as a time as ever to write up a trophy guide for those that may need help on that journey. If you have any tips or recommendations for others then feel free to share those below. Otherwise get out there and start hunting…


PURE Trophy Guide

22 02 2010

What’s this? A trophy guide? Yes, it’s been quite a while since my last trophy guide and you are correct this is a trophy guide in 2010 for a game that came out two years ago. However I didn’t just pick up this game for the trophies I recently reviewed PURE and if my recommendation wasn’t glowing enough in the review then this guide should be. It usually takes a lot for me to continually play a game until completion or even to achieve a platinum trophy but I found the game to be fun and the trophies not to be too difficult. So without further a do this is how I attained that elusive platinum for Pure. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the comment section below. Now get out there and start hunting…


Fallout 3 Trophy Guide

11 05 2009

Fallout 3 Thumbs

Speaking of Fallout, I just recently achieved my platinum trophy for Fallout 3. After struggling through without a real in-depth guide to follow I decided to do one myself. I was in the heat of the moment after completion and started writing my guide and giving my tips on how best to complete every quest and obtain that elusive platinum trophy. If like me you are also still fighting for that goal then this is your place. Its our first “official” trophy guide here at Beyond The D-Pad but expect that to change in the near future. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the comment section below. So take a gander at the guide and get out there and start hunting.