Game Review Stance

10 03 2009

Pencil & Paper

Since my first review has just gone up, read that here, I decided it would be best to explain my stance on reviews. It will be my goal to provide the most efficient way to deliver the critical information you need to make an educated buying decision. I personally am not a fan of the detail seven page reports basically divulging the whole entire story. I am of the understanding that if you are already reading a review you have some knowledge of the game and just need some basic information to see if the game is fun and if you should buy it. Therefore that will be the information I am going to provide. I will refrain from giving a specific game a numerical or alphabetical score that only encourages others to compare games strictly on that scale which is unfair to the reviewer as well as the game. However this practice may change in the future depending on the demand. I will instead give my honest feedback of the game and suggest the gamer either buys, rents, or avoids it. Again these are my opinions and may differ from your own beliefs or likes.

I DO NOT receive any review copies; I purchase or rent all of games just like you the consumer which is partially why I will base my reviews that way. Since I do have to purchase or rent my games I will not be able to get the review out as early as some mainstream sites that get review copies, but you can be certain that you will get an honest review. If in fact I do in the future receive review copies that will be explicitly stated in the review and we will be sure not to let that affect our score. We will also be upfront on whether or not we have completed the game and exactly which aspects of the game we did or did not explore. I am a gamer first and that is who my loyalty is to, therefore an honest review is what you will always get.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this process we would be happy to hear them, lets us know via the comments below. Or maybe you would like to contact us directly that can also be done by emailing us here. Finally to check out any of our reviews check here, better yet bookmark that section so you can easily find our future reviews as well.

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