PlayStation Home Launches Today

11 12 2008

Earlier in the week it was reported that Home would launch before the end of 2008. At first these were just rumors however it was later confirmed to Joystiq that Home would in fact launch by the New Year. The original story can be found here.

We PS3 users have been promised a release date many times before all of which were later delayed so my first impression was, “ya right”. Although yesterday I was proven wrong as Sony announced via their blog that the open Beta of PlayStation Home will be available today, December 11th, 2008 in all regions.

PlayStation Home, available as a free download starting December 11, will launch directly from the PlayStation Home icon on the PlayStation Network column of XMB (XrossMediaBar) on PS3. Users will be able to experience basic features and services of PlayStation Home, free of charge. PlayStation Home will allow open interaction among users, business partners and SCE, and will evolve with additional features including dedicated game spaces, special events and exclusive themed items, to further enrich the entertainment experience on the PS3 platform.

Since I was not in the closed beta I have not personally seen the application, nor have I had the chance to download the service today. However when I do I will post my impressions of this much delayed service and let you know if it was worth the long wait. Will I even care? Is it a waste of time? Or will I find it fun to virtually hang out. Stay tuned in the near future to find out.

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