Who else is excited about Diablo 3?

21 09 2010

To say I am excited about Diablo 3 would be a gross understatement the entire Diablo series holds a special place in my heart. Diablo 2: Lords of Destruction is probably my favorite game of all time. So as you can imagine I am a huge Blizzard fan and while I appreciate their, it will be released when it’s ready stance as a fan its frustrating since I eagerly want to play their games.

Anyways, not much news has been released as of yet regarding Diablo 3 since most of Blizzards focus has been on StarCraft 2, but with that releasing and selling upwards of 3 million units we should start getting some information regarding Diablo 3 soon.

The first major news came out of Gamescom where Blizzard announced and detailed the new crafting system through Artisans in Diablo 3. These Artisans will be integrated into the main story quest as you venture deeper into the Sanctuary. After helping them out and gaining their trust these Artisans will continue with you to each town during your travels and will act as a central hub providing basic services like buying and selling along with unique abilities.

There will be 3 types of Artisans each with their own unique storyline and abilities. The first is the Blacksmith who will be able to construct weapons and armors with salvaged loot you obtain from slaughtering the foes of the Burning Hells. The Blacksmith will also have the ability to add sockets to any weapon or armor.

Second is the Mystic who will deal with more of the magical side of crafting. The Mystic will be able to create potions, scrolls, magical weapons, spell runes and charms as well as enchant any weapon, even those previously made by the Blacksmith, with some random magical abilities.

Lastly the Jeweler will be able to create higher quality gems for you as well as remove gems from items without destroying the original gem. The Jeweler will also have the ability to craft unique rings and amulets with special abilities and modifiers.

All three Artisans will have the ability to be upgraded as well as specialize their skills to better fit your needs. These Artisans will change visually as well depending on which route you choose to specialize. However all specializations are possible for each character but is simply dependent on the amount of time put forth. Each Artisan can expand their expertise with special skills and random recipes that are found and unlocked thus granting rare benefits that may not be found anywhere else in the game world.

These Artisans will be a resource for the heroes and help streamline the crafting process while still providing depth and diversity to the item collection process that is crucial to the Diablo franchise.

After this announcement I am excited to hear more information and eventually play this title. Hopefully we will hear more at the upcoming Blizzcon event.

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Who else is excited for Diablo 3? What are you looking forward to?


StarCraft 2: A System Seller?

5 08 2010

As a predominantly console gamer I constantly here the word “system seller” thrown around in the gaming culture, this term is used to illustrate that a particular game is of such high quality that it will influence individuals who don’t have the console that game it is released on to go out and purchase that specific system. Every developer wants their game to be considered a “system seller” as it usually translates into great sales but more importantly it means that your title is well liked and is gaining or already has gained recognition on being the top title that system has to offer. We have had these types of games on every imaginable console since the beginning, but do we now have one on the broadest console of all, the PC?

I say we haven’t had a system seller on the PC due to the fact that most of the PC games also release on different systems. Those that haven’t either have low enough system requirements that most anybody can play or if they do have higher requirements the majority of the potential players will already meet these higher requirements. StarCraft 2 on the other hand is an anomaly as it has a large broad appeal as well as a ravenous hardcore fan base. Meaning those who don’t usually play PC games or those who haven’t played a PC game since the original StarCraft as well as the current traditional PC player will be picking up this title.

Since the release earlier last week of StarCraft 2 I have heard multiple stories of gamers who usually don’t game on their PC looking to upgrade their graphics card or entire system just to play StarCraft 2. I have not seen this many people, usually unaware of the intricacies of PC gaming, attempting to purchase or upgrade a console in order to play a specific game like I have for StarCraft 2. This leads me to believe that StarCraft 2 is no doubt a system seller even if that system is a PC.

Can a PC have a system seller? Is that game StarCraft 2?

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This article was possible due to the fact that I am one of the many that does not have a competent machine to play StarCraft 2 therefore I have the free time plus I needed to scratch that StarCraft 2 itch.

Starcraft 2 – Gameplay Footage

18 04 2009

Blizzard recently released their latest Battle Report, which is basically a replay of a game. The current Battle Report was a match played on a never before seen 1v1 map called Blistering Sands between Matt Cooper who played as the Zerg vs David Kim who played as the Terran. During the 20+ minutes of the replay many new units are seen as well as new abilities. Check out the footage below along with my comments and reaction.

Make sure to watch the video in full screen, click the icon on the lower right corner.


Team Fortress 2, $10 this Weekend on Steam

13 12 2008

If your weekend was not already jam picked with Holiday shopping and trying to pick up all of the million triple A titles that have recently hit the selves, an article out soon will help you with that. Steam has just announced that during this weekend only Team Fortress 2 will be available for half price.

If you are one of the five people that have not already purchased this joyful first person shooter now would be a good time. Click here to check out the official word from Steam themselves.

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