Modern Warfare 3 Announcement Trailer

4 06 2011

Not surprisingly Activision has revealed that a Call of Duty title will be released this November. The title will be Modern Warfare 3 a sequel to 2009’s hit Modern Warfare 2 developed by Infinity Ward which is now a shell of their former self. However this time around they will receive help from newly formed Sledgehammer Games as well as Raven Software in some aspect or another. It’s difficult to say if this co-development will affect the overall quality of the game, especially since Infinity Ward was widely considered the better of the two Call of Duty developers.

Although if the following trailer has anything to say about it then Modern Warfare 3 still looks to be an action packed thrill ride that will be enjoyed by many, including myself.

Check it out for yourselves…

Modern Warfare 3 will be releasing November 8th 2011 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC systems. You can pre-order from by clicking here.

Tell us what you think of the trailer or your thoughts on Modern Warfare 3 in general in the comments below.


inFamous 2 Beast Trailer Revealed

2 06 2011

One of my most anticipated titles for this year, inFamous 2, is just around the corner. I adored the original especially the ending which set the stage for a stellar sequel and so far from the trailers I have seen it does not seem to disappoint. These trailers revealed Cole’s new powers and locations among other things but what about the Beast and which Cole was destined to fight since the original inFamous? While we have seen glimpses of what appears to be the Beast we don’t truly know what we are up against, until now. In the newest trailer, which you can see below, we are given an indication of what Cole is up against and the type of destruction this Beast can cause.

See for yourselves …

Look for inFamous 2 on shelves June 7th 2011 exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Also stay tuned for a review of inFamous 2 right here at Beyond The D-Pad as I suspect I will be playing quite a lot.

Are you excited to play inFamous 2 or is there another title you are highly anticipating? Let us know in the comments section below.

109 Year Sentence Upheld in PlayStation Slaying

27 05 2011

A local Superior Court judge, Gary Orozco, recently upheld his previous life sentence ruling regarding a slaying over a PlayStation 2. Jonquel Brooks, then 19, was initially sentenced to 109 years to life in prison for shooting and killing Brant Daniels while wounding two others in a dispute over a stolen PlayStation 2 in May of 2007.

The incident initially brought national attention since it occurred just weeks after the Virginia Tech massacre where a student gunned down 32 fellow students and 1 professor before taking his own life.

The confrontation started when Brant Daniels, a supposed friend of Jonquel Brooks, along with three other friends Roderick Buycks Jr, Drew Pfeiff and Kodi Shiflett confronted Brooks at his University Village apartments accusing him of stealing Buycks PlayStation 2.

At this time an angry Brooks, who claims self defense, retrieved a gun from his bedroom demanding the Fresno State students to leave before firing shots at the victims hitting Buycks in the neck, Pfeiff in the shoulder and Daniels who later died in the back.

Brooks appealed the initial ruling stating the students ‘premeditated the conflict’ by going to Brooks’ apartment and accusing him of theft. The Appellate justices of the 5th District Court of Appeals ordered the presiding judge to take a closer look at the verdict and gave Judge Orozco three options: a new trial, modify the verdict with a lesser sentence, or let the verdict stand.

Gary Orozco decided to uphold his previous verdict and subsequent sentence of: 25 years to life for 1st degree murder, 25 years for using a gun, 59 years and 4 months for 3 counts of attempted murder totaling 109 years to life. Orozco explained his decision by stating that Brooks elevated the confrontation by coming out of the bedroom with a gun. Also stating that Brooks had ample time to consider his actions since while in the bedroom he called a friend to back him up in case of an altercation.

Before leaving in shackles the now 23 year old Brooks told Judge Orozco he again plans to file an appeal.

inFamous 2: Details & Release Date Revealed

18 03 2011

Sucker Punch and their 2 year secret

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is just that, a conference for game developers, however each year we continue to see more and more game announcements and this year was no different. One of the more exciting announcements for me personally was in regards to one of my highly anticipated games of this year, inFamous 2.

Those that have followed me for very long know that I enjoy a good open world role playing game in the likes of Fallout 3 and that I absolutely adored the 2009 blockbuster hit inFamous. Therefore I was already looking forward to this title and not much more needed to be done or said in order for me to pre-order the game.

Sucker Punch however was holding on to one final knockout punch that they unleashed at GDC which is that inFamous 2 will feature user generated content. This user generated content will grant inFamous 2 players the ability to use the open world city, New Marais, Sucker Punch created as a foundation to create an endless amount of new missions then share them with the PlayStation community.

Creators will have access to the same set of characters, props and creatures via an accessible and robust editor – think Little Big Planet or ModNation Racers – that the developers had access to. Players can also easily test their missions within this seamless editor and eventually upload their level with a tagging feature again similar to Little Big Planet.

Once uploaded these user generated levels will show up in the world just like regular story missions. These missions can be sorted in game by highest rating, most played or even to show only those highlighted by Sucker Punch themselves. If you are not interested in a world filled with user generated story markers you can even filter all of the user generated levels to not show at all.

inFamous 2 Release Date

So if you are like me and are now eagerly awaiting the release date then you are in luck since Sucker Punch recently announced a release date, June 7th 2011, as well. A Hero Edition was also announced and will be available for $99.99. The Hero Edition includes the following:

  • Detailed 8.5″ Cole Statue
  • Replica Cole Sling Pack
  • inFamous DC Mini Comic
  • Collector’s Edition Soundtrack
  • inFamous 2 Super Voucher: Includes all pre-order bonuses and in-game content

Honestly June 7th can not come soon enough and I have already pre-ordered the Hero Edition despite not being much of a collector’s edition fan. I suggest you do the same as I have no doubt this will be a quality title that I for one will ultimately enjoy.

What are your thoughts on these announcements and inFamous 2 in general? Let me know in the comments below.

Fallout: New Vegas Teaser Trailer

10 02 2010

Whats this, news? Granted this isn’t your dedicated site for hot off the presses news information, I rarely will do that just because there are other sites that do it better. But instead what I do is present relevant news that I have an opinion on. Anyways I am getting off-topic.

If you have followed me for any amount of time you will notice that I absolutely loved Fallout 3 – I notice my affection actually growing as I play other games and realize how wrapped up in that game I actually was. One of the earliest posts I wrote were my impressions of Fallout 3 as it sucked up my life. I even wrote another article last May in my anticipation for Fallout not quitting there I wrote my first trophy guide on, you guessed it Fallout 3.

Well what I am trying to get across is that I enjoyed Fallout 3 so when I saw the recent teaser trailer that was released I was itching for any kind of information. Now the trailer didn’t reveal much as it was a cinematic trailer but it showed enough that I am still extremely eager. I will stop my ramblings so you can see the trailer for yourself.

Are you as excited about the upcoming title as I am? What do you think of the trailer, let us know via the comments below.

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Dates Announced for Fallout 3 PS3 DLC & More

17 09 2009


One of my favorite games of lat year was Fallout 3 — the story was immersing and the world was expansive with plenty of room to explore. I enjoyed it so much that it was the first runner up in last years Game of The Year list.

However because I played the PlayStation 3 version I was unable to play any of the DLC, which was “exclusive” at that time to the Xbox 360, much to my disappointment. So when Bethesda announced a few months ago that the DLC would be coming to the PlayStation 3 I was ecstatic.

However the initial date has long came and passed but good news was announced today by Bethesda that the PlayStation 3 DLC is just around the corner. How close you ask?

Well the first piece of DLC, “Broken Steel”, will be available next Thursday September 24th. The following will be released weekly starting with “Operation: Anchorage” and “The Pitt” and lastly “Point Lookout” and “Mothership Zeta”.

Also if you haven’t yet picked up Fallout 3, and why not?, then the following week October 13th the Game of The Year edition which includes all five of the DLC packs will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $59.99. Before you ask, Yes all of your old save files will work with the game of the year edition so there is no excuse not to play.

I hope to see you out in the Wastelands…

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World at War Map Pack 3 Info

4 08 2009

Map Pack 3 Header 2

Updated August 6th, 2009

Treyarch doesn’t have a problem supporting their games, especially Call of Duty: World at War which will receive its third downloadable map pack on Thursday August 6th 2009. Treyarch will follow the same format of their previous two map packs, both of which sold extremely well, releasing three new multiplayer maps and one Nazi Zombie map.