Fireproof Your Life

4 02 2009

Although this blog generally covers video games and the video game industry I choose the name Beyond The D-pad to give me the freedom to also talk and express things that effect me, a gamer and much more, while I go through this journey that is my life. While I usually would not share such abstract feelings or opinions; this particular event was such a positive experience that I felt complelled to share.

Last night I was asked to watch a movie with my wife that she had picked out for us. Like most husbands my first response was, “great another chick flick” however decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and watch the movie. To my surprise the movie was life inspiring and a complete joy to watch and gave me a renewed energy for not only my marriage but my entire life in general. What was the movie you ask? Fireproof! While it does have a religious tone, I still would recommend this movie for anybody not just the believers or those who are married. Go check it out and let me know what you think, I would like to hear what you thought of the movie and if it has inspired you like it as for me.

Anyways enough of that, now back to our regularly scheduled program….