Fallout 3 Impressions

22 01 2009

As some of you may have noticed I have been away from the site for awhile therefore have not been able to post as well. As good as my intent was I just couldn’t find the time, for that I apologize. Why did I have no time? Well its simple really I have had an addiction with a little game called Fallout 3. You know the post apocalyptic action rpg by Bethesda that was recently released. Well I recently received a copy and to date have been unable to put it down so obviously I have enjoyed it. However continue reading to find out my full impressions of the game.

Before receiving this game it wasn’t on my radar while not a huge fan of rpg’s I do enjoy some of the successes. Despite my earlier praises I initially did not find the motivation in the game to continue to play. The story seemed to be confusing and the action was absent from this action rpg however I was determined to dig deeper. After exposing more of the main story and obtaining a better understanding of the character traits and leveling system, since I never played any of the previous installments, I become more engrossed with the game itself. As good as the main storyline was I found myself exploring more of the open world and discovering more side quests which were surprisingly deep and thought out thus enabling me to level more quickly and map out a direction for my character. When leveling you have the ability to add points to certain skills such as small guns, repair, medicine, and lockpick which focuses the direction of how your character will complete the game.

While the action and in turn combat severely lacked early on I found it to be very satisfying later on in the game especially with the addition of VATS which enables the player to pause the game and specifically target a certain part of the enemy. The drawback being you only have a certain amount of action points which are used each time you trigger the VATS system despite this the death animations can be very cool. While exploring you have various speech options with NPC’s depending on your previous responses as well as your charisma as a player. You have the option to play as a good, neutral, or evil character with benefits for each character. One of my major appeals of the game is the exploration the game allows you to have which in turn can gain you some valuable loot which is a big part of any rpg and trust me this game as a lot of loot. In spite of putting in over 30 hours I still have yet to max out my character level or even complete all of the side quests or main quests and when I do still see a reason for this game to be replayed which says something. So for those cost conscious gamers this game will provide plenty gameplay for your buck.

One of the major complaints I heard regarding this game, specifically the PS3 version was the constant freezing and frame rate issues. Honestly I have had no issues at all in regards to those complaints although I started playing after the major patch was released that was suppose to fix those issues. One of my only complaints is the steep learning curve of the leveling system which would be non-existence if you have played any of the previous installments. But as previously stated I had not and feel almost obligated to play a new character as the perks and skills were really like a foreign language to me, but then again I can be a perfectionist when it comes to my character.

Overall I think this game is an excellent game, the experience and familiarity of exploring such a desolate wasteland as DC is an experience in it’s of itself. The graphics were superb the gameplay was addicting and kept me playing looking forward to my next adventure or piece of treasure to find. So if you passed this game up earlier now would be a great time to pick it up and give it a shot. A definite buy!

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Have a different view or do you agree with the review, either way make your voice heard and leave a comment below.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare vs. World at War

10 12 2008

One of the first games I played on my PS3 was the highly successful Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Like many others I was instantly hooked, the game was video game crack and I consistently played the online multiplayer with some friends and still do on occasions to this day. So, obviously when Call of Duty: World at War came out I was overly excited and could not wait to play it. However after immediately indulging into the game I become more and more disappointed. Was this due to my high expectations or was the game really lacking? That is for you to figure out, however below I will explain where I believe the game excels and where it lacks.

Single Player

Since it was built on the same graphics engine as its predecessor little difference can be seen visually, despite the dramatic addition of more gore. Nevertheless, the single player story campaign was slightly more engaging than Modern Warfare, although who honestly plays these games strictly for the single player campaign? While slightly more engaging the story lacked those epic battles we remember while playing Modern Warfare and just seemed to advance from checkpoint to checkpoint. During the game it is an absolute must to keep advancing since your allies “AI” is seriously lacking. The major motivation however to completing the single player campaign along with the addition of trophies was the introduction of the Zombie Mode, which would be unlocked after completion of the game. This mode is serious fun and an absolute joy to play with friends. Your main goal in this mode is to kill wave after wave of zombies before they do the same to you. Despite the apparent major upgrades to single player which included, the ability to play local co-op, trophy integration, more gore, and of course the capability to unlock and play zombie mode, I just didn’t feel that this single player was much better than Modern Warfare.


Here is where in my eyes this game has major fatal flaws which determents the entire game. One of the first things I noticed while playing online was the lack of realistic sound and the bland color palette that was used. For instance, all of the guns sound the same and no matter how close they get have the same amplitude. If you have ever played an online FPS this is a major flaw. As far as the color, it’s nonexistent. All of the characters look strangely similar and blend so well with the lack of color in the different levels, thus making it difficult to see them or kill them. The guns lack variety and don’t appear to be balanced to the game very well, this is especially true while at low levels. But it gets worse once you die since the re-spawn points on each map are horrendous, most times re-spawning you right in front of enemy fire. Even after escaping all of these flaws I started to get better and level up which lead to even more disappointment. The game doesn’t supply an efficient reward system for level or prestiging. Also I started noticing that the more maps I played, the more they stayed the same – each maps has little to no variation and is basically catered to “camping” which does not promote fun game play. Although not everything is bad, the addition of the tanks in some of the maps was a nice change of pace despite being WAY too overpowered to kill. Also the insertion of dogs instead of a helicopter was an enjoyable change to call on enemies. The good certainly did not out weight the bad in multiplayer; I was consistently frustrated and constantly wished for the days of Modern Warfare, which is what I ultimately went back to.

Overall, like I previously stated I thought World at War was a disappointment. After everything this game adds over its predecessor the game simply lacks. As big of a success Modern Warfare was Treyarch didn’t have to do much for an improvement but somehow still managed to underwhelm. These types of games are mainly for online multiplayer and that is where this game has most of its glaring holes. While still worth playing if you don’t already own the previous installment, in my eyes is only worth a rent if you already have Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Think I am wrong? Or do you agree and would like to add your thoughts; either way feel free to add your comments below.

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