22 01 2009

I have been struggling with this issue for awhile now and finally decided to address it. I do not do this for the monetary reasons but simply for the love and complete joy I get out of doing it. Obviously however if the financial aspect comes to fruition then all the better and any donations I would receive I would be extremely appreciative. To be clear I don’t need money so please don’t feel obligated however if you have found anything we have done useful in anyway and feel so inclined to make a donation then we would graciously accept any amount with a huge inadequate, Thank You! Obviously this is certainly not mandatory nor is it expected, simply an announcement that you now have that option. I will be very clear with all donations I do receive and these funds will ONLY go to further this website and the content it provides each and every one of you. My main goal is to provide the best content I can provide because without an audience, like you, there would be no me.

Your generosity as a community is unprecedented and shows just by you being here and consuming what we produce. I am honored you found any material we have produced useful and are even thinking of making a donation. Whether or not you finally decide to make a donation I wanted to give everyone an enormous thanks, I am truly grateful.

If you would like to make a donation at a later date I have added the donation link in the sidebar on the right.