….. I Miss You

11 06 2013

I could attempt to make this heartfelt or snarky but really whats the point its not like this will be read by anyone anyway, except by me in a few years as I look back.

Anyways a lot has changed since I last connected with you all, jobs, relationships, … lives. But one thing has remained constant which is my unwavering desire to be a part of this industry in some capacity, to give back or contribute to a community that has given me so much joy. But lets face it I have never been good at expressing my thoughts on paper or creating a persona in order to get attention which it appears must be done in order for success. Instead I’ve always wanted to be me, express my thoughts and be a part of creating something and providing something I can be proud of.

I still hope one day in the future that can be a reality and I can find a way to fit it into my life but with other demands I just don’t see that has a possibility — which is casts a very somber picture of the future.

However whatever the future holds just know that I miss every single one of you that have visited here or have read anything I have done or encouraged me in anyway. I miss interacting with such a wonderful group, thank you!




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