109 Year Sentence Upheld in PlayStation Slaying

27 05 2011

A local Superior Court judge, Gary Orozco, recently upheld his previous life sentence ruling regarding a slaying over a PlayStation 2. Jonquel Brooks, then 19, was initially sentenced to 109 years to life in prison for shooting and killing Brant Daniels while wounding two others in a dispute over a stolen PlayStation 2 in May of 2007.

The incident initially brought national attention since it occurred just weeks after the Virginia Tech massacre where a student gunned down 32 fellow students and 1 professor before taking his own life.

The confrontation started when Brant Daniels, a supposed friend of Jonquel Brooks, along with three other friends Roderick Buycks Jr, Drew Pfeiff and Kodi Shiflett confronted Brooks at his University Village apartments accusing him of stealing Buycks PlayStation 2.

At this time an angry Brooks, who claims self defense, retrieved a gun from his bedroom demanding the Fresno State students to leave before firing shots at the victims hitting Buycks in the neck, Pfeiff in the shoulder and Daniels who later died in the back.

Brooks appealed the initial ruling stating the students ‘premeditated the conflict’ by going to Brooks’ apartment and accusing him of theft. The Appellate justices of the 5th District Court of Appeals ordered the presiding judge to take a closer look at the verdict and gave Judge Orozco three options: a new trial, modify the verdict with a lesser sentence, or let the verdict stand.

Gary Orozco decided to uphold his previous verdict and subsequent sentence of: 25 years to life for 1st degree murder, 25 years for using a gun, 59 years and 4 months for 3 counts of attempted murder totaling 109 years to life. Orozco explained his decision by stating that Brooks elevated the confrontation by coming out of the bedroom with a gun. Also stating that Brooks had ample time to consider his actions since while in the bedroom he called a friend to back him up in case of an altercation.

Before leaving in shackles the now 23 year old Brooks told Judge Orozco he again plans to file an appeal.




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19 06 2012
Dalila Silva

Even a retard has more common sense.

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