StarCraft 2: A System Seller?

5 08 2010

As a predominantly console gamer I constantly here the word “system seller” thrown around in the gaming culture, this term is used to illustrate that a particular game is of such high quality that it will influence individuals who don’t have the console that game it is released on to go out and purchase that specific system. Every developer wants their game to be considered a “system seller” as it usually translates into great sales but more importantly it means that your title is well liked and is gaining or already has gained recognition on being the top title that system has to offer. We have had these types of games on every imaginable console since the beginning, but do we now have one on the broadest console of all, the PC?

I say we haven’t had a system seller on the PC due to the fact that most of the PC games also release on different systems. Those that haven’t either have low enough system requirements that most anybody can play or if they do have higher requirements the majority of the potential players will already meet these higher requirements. StarCraft 2 on the other hand is an anomaly as it has a large broad appeal as well as a ravenous hardcore fan base. Meaning those who don’t usually play PC games or those who haven’t played a PC game since the original StarCraft as well as the current traditional PC player will be picking up this title.

Since the release earlier last week of StarCraft 2 I have heard multiple stories of gamers who usually don’t game on their PC looking to upgrade their graphics card or entire system just to play StarCraft 2. I have not seen this many people, usually unaware of the intricacies of PC gaming, attempting to purchase or upgrade a console in order to play a specific game like I have for StarCraft 2. This leads me to believe that StarCraft 2 is no doubt a system seller even if that system is a PC.

Can a PC have a system seller? Is that game StarCraft 2?

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This article was possible due to the fact that I am one of the many that does not have a competent machine to play StarCraft 2 therefore I have the free time plus I needed to scratch that StarCraft 2 itch.




4 responses

5 08 2010

Interesting thought, but I actually think it can’t truly be considered a system seller, because the developers purposely set the requirements very low, so people with older computers could still play. However, I do agree that many, many people are upgrading their completely non-game-compatible computers due to SC2, so in some ways it is a system seller, as you say.

5 08 2010

I agree – but then again the minimum system requirements aren’t that low you will still need a graphics card. However Blizzard has always been about offerring their games for a wide variety of gamers that also appeal to a large audience.

Either way I appreciate the comment, Thanks

10 08 2010
the alex

Thank you very much for sharing this. I have subscribed to your RSS feed. Please keep up the good work.

10 01 2011
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