inFamous 2 Announced

14 07 2010

You probably read this title thinking, that’s old news and granted it is but my excitement over this announcement is so high that I could not help but share my enthusiasm even if it is considered late.

I heard this announcement along with everyone else days before E3 which is why I hesitated to write anything since so much was unknown and I had high hopes of playing or seeing more at E3.

Unfortunately Infamous 2 was not being shown at E3 at least for those with out an appointment. However even those that did have an appointment weren’t given much more than we already knew via the Game Informer cover article. Not being able to play or see any more information was one of my major disappointments of E3 as I absolutely loved inFamous as it was even in my top games of 2009 and I eagerly awaited an announcement for inFamous 2.

While not much is know we do know that along with a revision in design Cole will posses new powers, be exploring a new city and fighting against tougher more diverse enemies. Sucker Punch also has plans to make the city feel more inhabited while also improving and adding on to the traversing mechanic Unfortunately we will have to wait at least until 2011 but if your itching for more information then maybe these newly released screenshots will hold you over for the time being.

What would you like to see in the new inFamous?

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2 responses

16 07 2010

I think this looks great – although I’m still not sold on the new design of Cole. First one is an essential purchase to anyone who has a PS3 and it looks like they’ve stepped up the sequel.

25 07 2010

@GregHorrorShow Then your in luck because due to fans reactions Sucker Punch has decided to go back to the old design of Cole, which I too am happy for. Also glad they are keeping the comic book style cutscenes, I like them as well.

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