E3 Hands On: Killzone 3 in 3D

19 06 2010

Killzone 3 is yet another game that while not announced at E3 did have a significant presence at E3 where we were able to learn a lot. I first got a glimpse of the game during the Sony Press Conference via an on stage live demo in 3D. During that demo we were all informed that Killzone will not only be playable on the show floor but also be playable in 3D. At that moment I knew I had to try this title out and I am glad I did.

At the station I was able to play one of 3 different 20 minute demo sections,  I choose to play in the new snowy environment which consisted of ground combat as well as air combat.  Killzone 3 will feel similar to those that played Killzone 2, the controls and layout of the controls are the same although during the demo they did feel more twitchy than before. One of the main additions to the series is the introduction of jet packs for not only the enemies but yourself which I was told would carry over into multiplayer. Other additions include more advanced weaponry, wider variety of environments along with a unique and brutal melee system all of which were prominent in the demo.

Killzone 3 runs on the same engine that Killzone 2 ran on however it is fully enhanced and optimized allowing Killzone 3 to support full stereoscopic 3D gameplay. This 3D was easily one of the greatest and most dramatic aspects that I recognized during my 20 minute demo. Like I said previously I was skeptical about 3D gaming but just a few minutes into the demo Killzone 3 had me sitting in amazement on how well it looked graphically and how smooth it appeared to run. If nothing else this title will be one of the 3D games that showcases the ability and technology that will inevitably be our future. As with the other 3D games both the 2D and 3D versions of Killzone 3 will be on one Blu-Ray disks for the same price as regular new releases, an option while starting the game will allow you to pick either the 2D or 3D version depending on your TV options.

As for the story Killzone 3 is a direct continuation of Killzone 2 picking up immediately after Sev and Rico defeated Emperor Visari. Rico and Sev think the battle is over but now learn they have to fight a different kind of battle, one to escape the war ridden planet of Helghan. Since the death of Visari the entire Helghast army is in an upheaval determined to continue the vision he put forth whatever the cost may be. The ISA must fight to save their lives with limited supplies and no reinforcements while the opposition has upped the ante with more advanced and destructive weapons of their own.

During my time at E3 I played both the 2D and 3D versions multiple times and they were enjoyable every time. Killzone 3 was the nicest looking game on the show floor while also being fun to play, I can’t wait to dig a little deeper into the single player or see some details on the multiplayer. If your eager to see some more information check out the video above or the recently released screenshots below.

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What are your thoughts, eager for a new Killzone installment, still playing Killzone 2 or maybe Killzone 3 wasn’t on your radar until now. Whatever the case may be leave me some feedback in the comments section below.

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4 responses

21 06 2010

Great E3 coverage mate on all these – I’m going to do a piece with my thoughts, if I do I’ll point them to your blog for a view of someone who got to actually play some of these games.

Can’t wait for Killzone 3!

25 07 2010

I noticed the mention, I appreciate it. Thanks! Iyt was a blast to attend E3 and am honored I was able to do as much as I did.

I too am excited more than ever for Killzone 3 — can’t wait.

22 11 2010
Killzone 3

Can’t wait for Killzone 3 – should be awesome!

22 11 2010

I was a huge fan of Killzone 2 ( you can check out the review here: http://beyondthedpad.com/2009/03/10/killzone-2-review/ ) and after playing Killzone 3 at this past years E3 I am just as excited for Killzone 3 as I was for Killzone 2. Appreciate the comment, hope to see ya around in the comments more.

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