E3 2010: Sony Press Conference Highlights

15 06 2010

As you most likely have already seen a dozen or more other places the Sony Press Conference was full of information some of which we expected and some of which we didn’t. After experiencing the conference first hand I will give my thoughts and opinions on what I thought the highlights were along with a bunch of pictures for good measure.

  • Killzone 3 Live Demo in 3D – The trailer looked absolutely stunning in 3D, the actual gameplay mechanics didn’t appear to be much different but the inclusion of different environments was nice to see. A tentative release date was revealed to be February 2011 and will be compatible with PlayStation Move at launch.
  • 3-D Sly Cooper Collection – A huge section of the press conference was dedicated to 3D gaming and how Sony expects to be the industry leader in that aspect. One of the titles they choose to showcase for that section was the re-mastered Sly Cooper Collection from Sucker Punch Productions who are also hard at work on inFamous 2.
  • Gran Turismo 5 – Along with a trailer that I must say looked amazing a release date for the US was announced to be November 2, 2010. Right, we have seen this game being shown before with release date after release date coming and passing lets just hope this release date sticks, it does however seem a bit more concrete.
  • PlayStation Move – I have criticized PlayStation Move in the past and while I won’t retract those statements until I have actually had physical time with the device I am more open to the idea. Sony unveiled a brand new title developed exclusively for the PlayStation Move called ‘Sorcery’ which had me at least seeing the possibilities of such an accurate device such as the PlayStation Move. Hopefully I get a chance to play one of the titles so that I can see for myself. Sony also confirmed that PlayStation Move will be available September 16, 2010 and will retail for $49.99.
  • Kevin Butler – He easily stole the show with his witty humor and trademark punch lines which had the whole audience laughing. During this rant he took a few direct stabs at Microsoft much to the enjoyment of the audience.
  • PSN Plus – These rumors have been floating around for weeks now and for the most part they are all true. The service will premiere later this month for $49.99 a year and you will own all of the title you receive for the duration of your subscription. Other features will include exclusive offers to betas, PS1 titles along with a subscription to Qore.
  • EA & PS3 Exclusivity – While none of the titles EA showcased will be PS3 exclusive both Metal of Honor and Dead Space 2 will feature exclusive content on the PS3, Dead Space 2 for instance will be bundled with Dead Space Extraction with Move support for the same $59.99 retail price. By its self i don’t find this to be a highlight but in an old post I discussed the future of exclusive games and how I thought they would eventually come to an end, besides first party titles of course, and with this announced along with many others we are beginning to see developers offering exclusive content instead of exclusive games.
  • Portal 2 – Valve has adamantly expressed their beliefs of consoles and more specifically of the PS3 however those thoughts most have changed as Portal 2 will be available on the PS3 and according to Gabe Newell will be the best console experience available.
  • Twisted Metal – Despite David Jaffe declaring he wasn’t working on a Twisted Metal game nor would he be at E3 his game development company Eat Sleep Play showcased their upcoming game Twisted Metal. It will feature 16 player multiplayer, 2 and/or 4 player co-op and for the first time ever introduce flight into the series. No release date was even talked about however the live gameplay did give me a ‘Sweet Tooth’ to play Twisted Metal.

Well that’s the Sony Press Conference through my eyes, I hope to post more detailed opinions of the whole process along with some of the titles I was able to get my hands on. In the meantime check out the photo gallery below of all the pictures I snapped throughout the conference. If you have any questions or feedback I welcome your comments below.

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