E3 2010

12 06 2010

Most gamers know what E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is and that year after year it produces the most news worthy announcements of any single event in the gaming world. If in fact you are new to the scene or just unfamiliar with this event then lets just say it’s HUGE. The expo happens every June in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center at least for the past few years and hosts many prominent developers whose sole purpose is to showcase their latest work and unveil their upcoming titles. I have always wanted to attend such an event not just for the opportunity that this type of event would give an individual but just to be around such an operation. That time has come as this year June 15th -17th 2010 I will be in Los Angeles attending E3 along with the Sony Press Conference.

What to Expect

Due to the other media giants size and availability with developers along with the accessibility of live streams I will not be posting much news, as I doubt this is where you come for that anyways. I will however be posting previews of games that I am able to play along with my opinions of the important news out of E3 and the Sony Press Conference. Also as I stated earlier this is an experience and I hope to relate that experience to you through my ramblings and pictures that I will be taking. So if during that time you are looking for another angle of this enormous function then I would be honored if you checked back during that time. To make it easier to find just E3 related news I will be posting all the information under a separate category labeled E3 2010. Alternatively you can also follow me on twitter as I will update there with thoughts through out the day.

Lastly if you would like me to cover anything specific or check out any particular game then let me know by leaving a comment below. Also if any of you will be attending then I would be honored to get the opportunity to meet up, drop a line below and we can work out the details.

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One response

14 06 2010

Wow, good going mate – would love to get myself to E3. Main thing I want to know about is Killzone 3 so any news or hands on would be great! Have a brilliant time.

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