Unable to Game

16 05 2010

Throughout my childhood I was able to waste my days away locked in my room playing Kings Quest VI or the original Diablo much to my mothers demise. During these days school was just a part of the day where I could let my mind mingle with the clouds as they blew across the bright blue sky or better yet strategically plan out those faithful gaming binges. I didn’t have a care in the world besides of course which bag of CornNuts to eat during recess, Ranch or Chile Picante? The only thing I had in excess was time, so what better to do with it than play video games. I loved this period of my life and even then I knew this schedule would not last forever but I had no idea my life would soon be so demanding that I would be unable to game.

As I fall back into reality in being a husband, father of two, along with maintaining a full time job I realize that time is a finite resource which makes it even more difficult to schedule the time for my once cherished hobby. The ever pressing weight and distractions of life along with the pressure and responsibilities that stem from these titles listed above takes your day by its hand and seemingly rings dry any extra time out of it.

There is no doubt gaming has had a huge imprint on my life along with the many others in my generation.  But now as an adult I understand these once faithful gaming binges are in the past, with that being said I recognize that this is just a season of my life where gaming is not possible. Although because gaming is such a passion in my life I know the pendulum will eventually swing back and balance everything out.  Whatever the cause the current fact is my gaming time over the years went from a flourishing tropical forest to a drought ridden desert.

So here is hoping that my season will return and those clouds my mind use to endlessly travel with so many years ago will revisit to once again familiarize themselves and rain down some gaming time real soon.

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Have you gone through times where you couldn’t find room in your schedule to game? What did you do to remedy that or what game broke the cycle or maybe you can finally solve my CornNut dilemma. Either way I would love to hear what you have to say. Feel free to comment below.




3 responses

17 05 2010

WOW! I really loved this blog post! Your words also sum up my current situation almost exactly. The older I get the harder it is for me to find time to enjoy my one of my favorite hobbies. This post really hit home.

18 05 2010

Thank you feel free to share as you wish.

Like I stated in the post you have to remember its just a season, a season that will pass. But it is difficult to find the time the older I get. I am glad you enjoy the post and that you were able to connect with it. Hopefully we both can get back to our cherished hobby real soon.

20 05 2010

I’ve found my gaming time cut since the birth of my daughter back in 2007 as I don’t play during the day anymore. I’ve managed to keep playing, mainly in the evenings (with a few late nights thrown in!) as it’s replaced film and TV as my main entertainment source.

You’ll find time again I’m sure!

P.S Go with the Ranch ;o)

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