PlayStation “Move”s in a New Direction

22 03 2010

Earlier this month at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) Sony officially announced their new motion controller hardware the PlayStation ‘Move’. The concept has been known about since E3 2009 however until now the name and any games has all been a mystery. Now that I have a more concrete idea of what the ‘Move’ is and how it will work I must say I am disappointed.

I understand the need Sony felt to release a motion controlled device as the success of the Wii can not be over looked even Microsoft will be making the transition later this year with Project Natal. But back to the PlayStation, when this device was unveiled as a prototype we as gamers were promised a sleeker design along with a device that would offer something different then what the current market already has. What did we effectively get? A PSWii complete with wand and nuns chuck, I mean sub-controller. They did do a lot of work regarding the design of PlayStation Move, wait it looks exactly the same as it did in protégé form. I know what you may be thinking, I am just complaining about visual aspects and the important issue is that it functions correctly.

I agree, but what’s considered functioning correctly? What is the reason any consumer would purchase this more expensive device to do the exact same thing that a Nintendo Wii can to do. Granted it can do things that the Wii can not but do you really believe that market overlaps? I don’t. The Wii has proven that ‘hardcore’ games are not successful on the Wii just ask Dead Space Extraction. So why would the PlayStation Move be any different? The PlayStation brand has always been about pushing the envelope forward and while technically that is the case with this hardware I would have liked them to do something else with the technology instead of releasing games like the PSWii Play. Even with all of their apparent foresight all Sony could muster up were gimmick games that Nintendo thought of four years ago.

I understand Sony’s reasoning and their goal for releasing Move I just disagree with the route they choose to get there plus I don’t want their efforts to be taken away from what I enjoy and what they are good at. In my eyes they wasted precious resources consisting of time and money that could have been better spent on improving their current hardware by reducing system cost or even PlayStation Network service upgrades. Personally this feels like an abrupt reaction based on the market instead of being proactive like PlayStation has been in the past. I attribute this to their position in the market the PlayStation brand is in a difficult position and not use to being in ‘last’ which can result in desperation. I believe if they were in ‘first’ out of the major consoles then they could afford to take their time and be strategic about their features and releases which I believe is their strength. But like any athlete will tell you it takes an entirely different outlook and strategy to play from behind than it does to play with the lead.

Now listen please don’t misunderstand my message this is not an I hate Sony flame although I am sure that’s how some will take it. I still prefer the Sony platform and on a broader view I like the way they are headed and the moves they are making however this particular ‘move’ in my eyes does not align with their strengths and core values.

I simply don’t see the rush in motion controlled gaming which stands true for Microsoft’s efforts as well. Hopefully my pessimistic attitude changes when I see a game that effectively uses the Playstation Move or when that one killer application releases that every console manufacture seems to be looking for. However even then I just don’t want to be controlling my games with a novelty motion controlled device when the most effective and more natural way would be a regular controller – that’s just my personal choice.

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I would love to hear what you think of the PlayStation Move and motion controlled gaming as a whole. Maybe you agree with me or you may have a point that I overlooked either way let me know below via the comments.




2 responses

25 03 2010

I agree that the initial announcement is underwhelming but apparently the tech is pretty advanced compared to Wii to hopefully in the future more will be made of it.

15 06 2010
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