Game of The Year: 2009

16 02 2010

Well it’s that time of the year again, technically it’s past that time for most major blogs but that’s why this isn’t a ‘major’ blog. The main reason for the delay was I hadn’t played all of the blockbuster titles of 2009 and was going to attempt to play a few more but I figured that wouldn’t be fair to the other games I wasn’t able to play but more technically I didn’t play that game in 2009. I say that because I am certain not everyone will agree with my picks for Game of The Year and it’s not because I disliked a certain game it could very well be I have yet to play it.

I enjoy these types of reflection posts since for the most part we as gamers spend so much time and energy focusing on what’s new or upcoming that we sometimes neglect what we left in the past. This came apparent to me while looking at the games that released in 2009 and realizing just how many great games were released this past year. Its always difficult to differentiate my top games of the year or even of all time and how to pick these titles but for Game of The Year I factored in a few things like the amount of time I spent playing, overall presentation, my likeness for that title and impact on future titles just to name a few. I understand all of that can be subjective but for now that is what I choose to do since at the end of the day it is MY list. Anyways without further a do here are my games of the year 2009…

Crossing the finish line at #5 is … Dirt 2

When I reflected on the games that I played last year I was surprised that this game kept coming up and that I kept putting it higher than other games. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game; it made the list didn’t it? I just didn’t go in expecting I would enjoy this title as much as I did. Dirt 2 doesn’t break new ground but rather takes all of the aspects that work in a racing game and refined it into a visually pleasing, accessible and fun racing game. In my eyes this isn’t just the best racer that was released last year but easily one of the top games to be released last year.

Climbing its way to the #4 spot is… inFAMOUS

This is one of the only games this year that after I completed the game I immediately started up a completely new play through, that MUST say something about the quality of this title. The story was refreshing and one I actually felt invested in. The free flow travel as well as the combat were a breeze to use but also very satisfying. Personally I think the goal of any game is to have such a positive impact on a player that they not only want to play again but also anticipate a sequel, infamous succeeds in that for me.

Shooting all the way to the # 3 spot is… Modern Warfare 2

If I were to base my decision on purely amount of hours played then I have no doubt that Modern Warfare 2 would win as I have and continue to put an eye popping amount of time into this title. The single player is intense despite not trying anything new however the inclusion of ‘Spec-Ops’ is a welcome feature if anyone cares to stop playing the multiplayer. Modern Warfare has successfully nailed the ‘one more game’ notion leading me and others to spend hours playing despite its obvious flaws. I continually miss deadlines and neglect other games just to get ‘one more game’ online which never is the case.

Sneaking past others to the # 2 spot is… Batman: Arkham Asylum

For me this title came out of left field, while I was a fan of Batman in my younger years I had completely given up on the superhero genre in video games. This title has renewed my optimism in new franchises and more importantly superhero genres as a whole. The game was different and methodical and exactly what we as fans wanted out of a Batman title. Arkham Asylum is this years Bioshock, the atmosphere was compelling and the story was so extremely well written.

And my 2009 game of the year is… Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

No game this year invoked the same reactions and feelings this year like Uncharted 2 did. The story and how it was told is in a class by itself, every aspect of the entire game is completely flushed out and polished to a shine. The story and character were meaningful and the game progressed with purpose all while pleasing your senses. Uncharted 2 encompasses what a game of the year title should be; it built on the successes of its predecessor but also focused on improving that experience in every way. It’s a title I am glad I have in my collection and one I will most certainly return to multiple times in the future. Uncharted 2 in my eyes is the complete package and why I think it deserves to be called ‘Game of The Year’.

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I applaud all of the aforementioned games, drop a comment below and let me know your games of the year or if you agree or disagree with my picks.




7 responses

17 02 2010

Great list, I’d substitute Killzone 2 for Modern Warfare 2 personally but agree with the rest.

Dirt 2 is a great driving game – the online is brilliant, though I’d love it if they could add in the ability to save or upload replays from online races.

It’s difficult not having played everything – I had the same problem. Borderlands would’ve been up there but I hadn’t played it. I’m thinking of putting that in this year’s list (if it makes the cut). Will have to wait and see, it’s shaping up to be a great year for games, as was last year.

17 02 2010

First off I appreciate the feedback.

Don’t get me wrong I loved Killzone 2 and it almost made the list but for some reason just didn’t have the staying power. Not sure if its because of when it was released.

As far as Dirt 2 I was really surprised how much I enjoyed that game. While obviously not perfect I am really glad I had the opportunity to play it.

I may decide to do the same thing – some of the 2009 titles that I play in 2010 may make the list. Maybe this time I will get out ‘on time’. Anyways, thanks again.

18 02 2010

I am glad to see DiRT2 in your list. I would put it right up there with Burnout Paradise as one of my top racing games. I loved every minute I spent with it.

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