Demo Impressions: God of War 3

14 01 2010

I was looking at the list of games set to release this year and determining which of these I was interested in. Of course many caught my eye and even more have grand potential but one of the ones that is set to release real soon that I am eager to play is God of War 3. This led me to finally give the demo a try that was previously shown last year during the annual E3 exhibit. Below are my quick thoughts and impressions as I played through the 30-45 minute demo.

If you have played any of the previous games in the God of War franchise then you understand their recipe for success and will immediately feel right at home. The overall feel of the game along with the controls, combat and gameplay hasn’t changed a whole lot. But did any of us fans actually want it to? I would argue not. Santa Monica Studios have seemed to retain the God of War feel while simultaneously upping the ante in every aspect so it’s not just God of War 2a. It’s obvious since it’s on the next generation hardware but the graphics are noticeably better including the fantastic use of lighting in each area. The overall feel of the game seems to be on a grander scale. The blood, gore and brutality of Kratos have all been intensified from the previous PlayStation 2 titles.

Despite all of the similarities some interesting concepts were introduced. While the game still has QTE’s the way they are shown has improved in my eyes. For instance if you are suppose to press “X” which is on the bottom of the controller then the “X” will appear at the bottom of the screen the same applies for square, triangle and circle respectively. This allows you to stay engaged with what’s going on while still seamlessly stringing together a violent and relentless attack. There are also a few new attacks to perform on the ever relentless swarm of enemies which makes blocking a higher priority than before. However one of the biggest surprises were the minor graphical and frame rate hiccups but let it be understood that this demo is almost a year old and I am sure these issues will be cleaned up in the final product. The small bugs had no negative effect on my gameplay as I was so engaged and enjoying the fun yet short time I had with God of War 3.

Everything feels very familiar but also sorely missed. This demo re-energized my anticipation for this title and I can’t wait for it to be released. If like me you are eager to get your hands on this title then ensure you are one of the first to receive it by pre-ordering your copy from Amazon now or knock the dust off by playing the God of War: Collection as well.

Do you have an opinion, of course you do, let us hear it by submitting a comment below which may win you a demo code of your own.

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4 responses

15 01 2010

Totally agree mate, though I had no graphical problems on my playthroughs.

Really looking forward to this game.

15 01 2010
Rakim Reid

I haven’t played the demo yet, but, going by your impressions, it sounds like a worthwhile addition to my collection. I’m glad the game is an evolution of the series, not a revolution. Nice post.

15 01 2010

@GregHorrorShow Its good to hear my graphical problems could been the exception and not the rule. I wasn’t worried either way.

@Rakim First off Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. You have a nice site going yourself, good luck. Depending on the other comments you may win the demo code.

16 01 2010
Rakim Reid

No problem and thanks for the feedback as well.

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