Happy Holidays

22 12 2009

During this time of joy and celebration I just wanted to take time out of my day and wish all the readers a joyous, safe and Happy Holidays.  I would like to thank those that have already been a part of this dream and I eagerly look forward to the future and hope you will continue be a part of it as well as continue to visit and help spread the word. But don’t worry during this Holiday season I will still be working diligently on stories and at the start of the new year will have many new articles and opinions to share. I hope that you make your way back here to view those as well.

However in the meantime I will leave you all with something to think about and respond to. Obviously any site is about its community and we are no different. Therefore at the start of the new year I would like to ask what you would like to see from us in the upcoming year, what would you like us to do,  what type of content would you like to see, what would keep you coming back? I really want to hear your responses and suggestions. Give us an idea what you would like in the comment section below or drop us an email Here. Lastly check back to see some of my impressions and opinions of the games I will be playing during these holidays and of course my game of the year post which will be coming shortly.

I look forward to all of your responses and along with my thanks I wish you all a very happy holidays. Thank You!




2 responses

5 01 2010

Keep up the good reviews and keep your wife’s impressions in there – adds a different flavour to your reviews.

Happy new year!

5 01 2010

Thanks, I appreciate that. I too like hearing from her, my wife, on what she thinks of these games. Its just a different outlook. You keep up the great work as well, your blog is a great model for mine. Cheers!

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