gpsAssassins: A Perfect Way to Kill Time

24 10 2009


With the possession of the iPhone comes the opportunity to play thousands of games. While personally my thoughts of the iPhone as a gaming platform are still undecided I can not deny that many of the games are excellent for those small doses of time that you need to fill.

A perfect example of that is the recently released text based role playing game called “gpsAssassins: Kill your Neighbor” where the basis is kill or be killed.

I haven’t played many games on my iPhone as I have enough trouble finding time to even play my Playstation 3 however this game was recommended to me and after some investigating seemed innovative and different from the flood of games that currently exist therefore I gave it a shot.

gpsAssassins while it may resemble other highly addicting games like Mafia Wars or iMob has one unique feature in that the game uses your location in determining your “enemies” or targets. It’s actually modeled after the popular university game called “Assassins” where individuals participating under guidelines seek out other targets and eliminate them from the game with a water gun or similar type non-lethal “weapon”.

After signing in and choosing a nickname you can scan for targets which brings up a list of short range (2 mile radius) and long range (5 mile radius) targets that you then can attack with an array of weapons. However be careful who you choose as they will be notified and could retaliate unless of course you physically move out of range. This location based function allows you to participate in rivalries with individuals you don’t know yet is personal enough considering they are in your local vicinity

gps SS1

This to me was the fun and addicting part however the game is deeper allowing you to make up your own hilarious attacks. The ability to craft customized weapons and then proceed to attack your nemesis with these hilarious forged weapons is not only rewarding but satisfying as well.

The game also has some basic RPG elements with the inclusion of upgradeable armor as well as the ability to level up with each corresponding kill. The game offers items that can boost your statistics at the cost of blood money which can be bought or earned by leveling up.

The main attraction of this game besides it’s free price tag is the simplistic game play and social interaction allowing the game to have a broad appeal. The game type is tailored to those brief chunks of time you often need to pass. Therefore I urge anyone that has an iPhone or an iPod Touch to give it a try. What’s the worse that can happen? You become addicted and any free time is spent berating your local enemies with your “Gospel of Chuck Norris”, “Nagging Wives” and “Mullet of Fury”. That’s not so bad, right? Check it out here:

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26 10 2009
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