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4 08 2009

Map Pack 3 Header 2

Updated August 6th, 2009

Treyarch doesn’t have a problem supporting their games, especially Call of Duty: World at War which will receive its third downloadable map pack on Thursday August 6th 2009. Treyarch will follow the same format of their previous two map packs, both of which sold extremely well, releasing three new multiplayer maps and one Nazi Zombie map.

According to their Community Manager Josh Olin the new multiplayer maps are a direct reflection of what the community desired. The new maps will include Breach – a large urban environment with lots of verticality, Battery – located on a fortified island over international waters and is also the smallest of Map Pack 3, and lastly Revolution – located in a distillery with lots of canisters, boiler rooms and pipes.







According to most people, including me, the main reason to purchase the new Map Pack 3 is the new Nazi Zombie Map which is called Der Riese. This time the map will be located in a factory or industrial type setting with many hallways that link various sized rooms. The behavior of the hell hounds that were introduced in an earlier map pack will be reworked and now will spawn throughout the map. The behavior of the zombies will also be reworked giving them the ability to travel from different levels, for instance they will be able to climb up to your position or jump down to attack you. However at your arsenal you will have two new weapons to dispose of these hordes of zombies. The first being the Bowie Knife: this will cost 3000 points and take the place of your original knife but be able to kill zombies with one hit all the way up to higher levels like 15 or 16. The second being the Monkey Bomb: It will be obtained through the random box and take the place of Molotov cocktails. You will start out with three bombs and they will only be replenished through a max ammo pickup. These Monkey Bombs will perform similar to grenades but when thrown will attract a group of zombies before exploding.

Der Riese

Der Riese

Some other key new features includes teleport machines. These pads will grant you the ability once linked up and at the cost of 1500 points to quickly teleport to a different area. You will also have the ability to upgrade 16 weapons via the Pack A Punch machine at the cost of 5000 points a piece. This machine will positively alter the way the weapon performs while also changing the name of the weapon. This map pack will also introduce 10 new trophies based solely on the Nazi Zombie experience. Those are:

  • 40 Knives!
    • Kill 40 zombies with the Bowie Knife
  • Acquire Waffle Weapons
    • Obtain the Ray Gun, DG-2, and the Monkey Bomb at the same time in a game
  • Der Electrican!
    • Link all teleport pads before round 7
  • Frequent Flyer!
    • Use the teleporter 8 times
  • Locksmith!
    • Open all doors in the map
  • The Might of the Monkey
    • Use the Monkey Bomb
  • Perkaholics Anonymous
    • Survive until Round 20 without buying a single perk
  • Pack Addict
    • Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack A Punch Machine
  • Wacker Packer
    • Upgrade any weapon in the Pack A Punch
  • Elevate Your Senses
    • ???

If that still is not enough information to wet your appetite then take a peek at the Der Riese trailer below.

Update: A new trailer has been released by Treyarch to celebrate the release of Map Pack 3. Check that out below.

What’s that? Cain’t wait? Well good news you won’t have to since Map Pack 3 will be released Thursday August 6, 2009 on the PlayStation Store for $9.99. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.

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Have a comment on the release; love Nazi Zombies? Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel.




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