Demo Impressions: Fight Night Round 4 & Ghostbusters

24 07 2009

Despite my busy schedule and complete infatuation with inFAMOUS I found the time to try out some overdue demos, below are my quick thoughts and impressions as I played through them.

Fight Night Round 4

I am understandably late to the party on trying out this title but admittedly I was not overly hyped to play it. While I do enjoy your typical boxing match I am not a fanatic fan that follows the sport and have never even played a traditional boxing game. However I was eager to try out Fight Night Round 4 due to the praise and positive reviews it has received.


Upon loading the demo I was taken to the tutorial mode where a trainer teaches you the different types of punches using the right thumb stick and the occasional trigger buttons. Most of the criticism I heard was because of the controls and while I acknowledge they were difficult at first I was able to adapt. After successful completion of the tutorial you are given the option to set foot in the ring and control either Ricky Hatton or Manny Pacquiao. The fight appeared very technical and fast paced which is when my problems with the controls surfaced. When trying to land certain combos or punches I would often throw the wrong punch during the frantic nature of the fight even though I was sure I inputted the correct sequence. I blame this more on my inexperience with the controls and the boxing genre than the accuracy of the controls. So instead I resorted to just jabbing my way to a full 3 round victory by way of decision. Technically speaking the game appeared flawless, the graphics were superb and the audio was spot on not to mention the detailed physics each boxer showed throughout each match.

If the demo is any indication of the final product then I would suspect Fight Night Round 4 will be an exceptional title for the serious fans and casual fans alike.


Like most others that grew up watching Ghostbusters I am a fan of the movies so naturally I was eager to play the video game version which by all accounts is complete fan service. The game has most of the original actors’ doing voice work and the script was actually written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.


The demo starts like a movie which was a nice touch but lost its luster after the 5th or 6th logo that popped up setting the tone for the rest of the game. During the entire time I felt disconnected with the game, the voice acting was off, the visuals while not as bad as I feared were average and the environments were fairly bland. I even had trouble navigating through the game which finally was accomplished by trial and error. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to completely trash this game there were some refreshing and fun parts. For instance at times I actually felt like part of the Ghostbusters gang complete with Proton Pack. Plus the whole experience of blasting and trapping the ghost was satisfying due to the controls being intuitive and easy. However overall the game is very linear which by itself isn’t bad but I felt the game play was also hurried along. On top of that the story felt forced and was repetitive after awhile. Despite the negatives there are some portions of the game that seem to have potential and in the demo were fun.

Truth is I really wanted to enjoy this game but for some reason I wasn’t able to. Judging from my time with the game I would personally wait to purchase this game even as a fan.

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InFamous Review

16 07 2009

Infamous Box Art

InFAMOUS is a sandbox-style third person action adventure game that is exclusive to the Playstation 3 and developed by Sucker Punch Productions who were previously behind the Sly Cooper series. In this game you take control of Cole MacGrath a bike messenger who survives a massive explosion that disables Empire City, a fictional world where the game takes place. This explosion caused a plague to develop thus forcing the military to quarantine the entire city. The blast subsequently granted Cole electrical based powers allowing him to traverse the city to reveal the conspiracy behind the blast and the origins of his powers while fighting off the resistance of various gangs and factions that are attempting to take over the city.

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6 07 2009

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My Trials & Tribulations

5 07 2009

EscalatorI started this blog on a whim late last year without much direction or plan in search of finding some success in an industry I loved. I was unsure how to break through and just figured any action was better than no action. Of course I was hopeful this would lead to other opportunities so I set myself a goal of six months. I figured by that time I would have a clear picture of the future and if I were to have success it would be evident by then. If at that time I truly felt I was committed and still saw no progression or promise then I was going to focus my energy elsewhere. Well, this past month actually marks that six month barrier and while I haven’t had huge success I am happy with the progress and sense of worth I have achieved. Follow me as I take a trip through the past six months.