Month in Review: April

3 05 2009

Another month bites the dust which takes us to yet another Month in Review. It was a busy month for me personally but a bit dry for gaming news. However you are in the right place to get caught up on all things Beyond The D-Pad. This is where we recap all of our posts for the past month. If you wanted a place to bookmark to see past months and where future months will be archived, thats easy, just click right here. And by all means don’t be such a stranger in the coming months. But for now here is the month that was April…

Yes, you heard right. So get all of your virtual quarters ready because the arcade phenomenon, Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, is coming back. This titles release hasn’t been the best kept secret, since it has been heavily rumored for some time now, although has now been officially announced on Marvel’s website. […]

Guess what? Its that time of the week again. Welcome to What to Play our weekly feature detailing all of the playable content for the week. If its playable and it come out this week for the PS3 then we will have it. If you would like other consoles listed let us know in the […]

With an overwhelming amount of quality games that have been released on the Playstation 3 it’s easy to overlook some of the games on the PlayStation Network. However I am here to tell you that would be a mistake. Instead I will offer you a list of the top 10 PSN games. 10. 1942: Joint Strike […]

Blizzard recently released their latest Battle Report, which is basically a replay of a game. The current Battle Report was a match played on a never before seen 1v1 map called Blistering Sands between Matt Cooper who played as the Zerg vs David Kim who played as the Terran. During the 20+ minutes of the […]

What time is it? Game Time! That’s right, I love sports and this is arguably one of the best times of the year. The NBA playoffs are starting, MLB Baseball is beginning, and the Future stars of the NFL are getting ready to be drafted and start training camp. So, anyways its also time for […]

What time is it?… Ya, I guess your right after a few weeks off that can’t be done. We’ll save that for next week. Anyways after a few weeks off due to sickness, March Madness, and life in general What to Play is back. What to Play is a weekly feature where we will highlight […]

Why Game?

I recently had a question posed to me from a non gamer that on the surface appeared easy. But after some thought I found myself asking the same question. What was it might you ask, simple, Why do you play video games? My first reaction was effortless, hey why don’t you play games? But decided against […]

The recently released multi-platform title F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origins is a follow up from Monolith to their successful survival horror shooter F.E.A.R. or First Encounter Assault and Recon that was released in 2005. F.E.A.R. 2 picks up directly where the original left off. You take control of Michael Becket a Delta Force Operator that Alma […]

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