Top 10 PSN Games

21 04 2009


With an overwhelming amount of quality games that have been released on the Playstation 3 it’s easy to overlook some of the games on the PlayStation Network. However I am here to tell you that would be a mistake. Instead I will offer you a list of the top 10 PSN games.

10. 1942: Joint Strike – Backbone Entertainment


Joint Strike is a flashback to the arcade classic vertical scrolling shooter that I personally loved. Although not a direct remake of any particular game in the series rather a best of, taking elements from all of the previous games. You still control a WWII era aircraft on a 2D plane with 2 simple controls, fire and bomb. However with upgraded 3D graphics along with new weapons and power ups at your disposal prepare to face waves and waves of incoming fire while dodging explosions and missiles eventually leading you to huge challenging enemy bosses. This game is loads of fun and brought me back to the old days of classic arcade fun and enjoyment.

9. PAIN – Idol Minds


The goal is simple; inflict pain and lots of it. However to get to that goal you launch your character from a powerful catapult into an interactive physics controlled environment. You then receive points by stringing together painful collisions and inducing chaos into the environment. Regardless of how serious the game may appear to be it is actually filled with humorous situations that match the overall tone of the game. Despite being slightly redundant over time there are plenty of difficult trophies to keep you busy. Besides its hard not to include the most downloaded PSN game in our list.

8. Burn Zombie Burn – doublesix


Here is a game with another simple goal, get the high score, with simple gameplay, kill the zombies yet is fun and addicting. Burn Zombie Burn is a classic coin-op third person shooter with fundamentally an infinite play score. As the title suggests the player has to set never ending hordes of zombies on fire each adding to their score. To survive and unlock more of the game you must shoot, burn or explode as many zombies as possible before they overwhelm you. Although I have spent minimal time with this game the fun and enjoyment I have received appears to be as endless as the hordes of zombies.

7. Crash Commando – EPOS Game Studios


In Crash Commando you control a commando with an array of weapons, explosives, and vehicles at your disposal to use against the enemy faction. Crash Commando is a side scrolling fast paced action packed shooter with exaggerated gore and effects. The gameplay is straightforward therefore making it accessible to all players and is the perfect combination of old and new. Enjoy this terrific game offline by yourself or with a friend via online multiplayer, either way you can’t go wrong.

6. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD – Backbone Entertainment


There seems to be a reoccurring theme on this list, successful remakes of classic games by Backbone Entertainment. Here is another proven arcade original classic with updated HD 1080p redrawn art and widescreen support. While still a two dimensional fighting game with the usual cast of characters this version has two gameplay modes; classic and remix, or rebalanced. In my personal opinion it’s arguably the best version of one of the most important and influential fighting games of all time, an instant classic. This game is a sure hit for Street Fighter purists, but also will appeal to gamers just starting out in the genre who want to experience this classic in hi-definition.

5. Bionic Commando: Rearmed – GRIN


Yet another remake, this time it’s an enhanced remake of the classic 8-bit side scroller Bionic Commando that was previously released on NES in 1988. This version is complete with all new HD graphics, new areas, additional features and online leader boards. Like the original you play as “Rad” a soldier who has been enhanced with a bionic arm which he uses to traverse across gaps or to climb higher all while eliminating the enemies. The main piece this game does right is stay true to the original NES title while providing upgrades to improve gameplay and graphics to make it further stand out. For these reasons and more I would recommend everyone give this game a shot, it’s just worth it.

4. WipEout HD – SCE Studio Liverpool


The first Wipeout entry to the Playstation 3 is a downloadable game that expands on past entries to create one great racing game that showcases the PS3’s processing power. As the player you pilot an anti-gravity craft in one of five modes while using weapons and speed to beat your competition whether online or offline. All of the levels look amazing while being outputted in full 1080P HD at 60 FPS. The current game is feature rich with trophies, 8 player online racing, custom playlists, 5 game modes and 8 racing teams. This has everything you could want out of a racing game and it’s done right. Despite the relatively low price point they didn’t skimp on quality or polish, pick this game up for yourself to find out.

3. Flower – ThatGameCompany


The same developers that previously brought you Flow continue their success with the release of Flower while still challenging traditional gaming concepts. The player progresses through the levels by controlling the wind, via sixaxis controls, so that a pedal will interact with other flowers. The gameplay feels fresh and genuine as you interact with each vivid landscape and the surrounding environment. Overall Flower combines flight, interaction and exploration for a visual and audio escape that you must experience yourself.

2. Super Stardust HD – Housemarque


While technically an updated version of the classic Stardust game it could also be seen as a hi-resolution version of Asteroids. Super Stardust HD has that simplistic gameplay that works as well now as it did back then. The game while casual could also be intense as you fend off giant asteroids with three upgradable weapons while visiting five highly detailed 3D planets. Despite being released way back in June of 2007 the visuals are still top notch. The fantastic yet frantic gameplay, stunning visuals and simple controls allow this game to be enjoyed time and time again. Easily considered one of the finest titles on the PSN and should not be ignored. Go get it!

1. PixelJunk Monsters – Q-Games


PixelJunk Monsters is a variation of the very popular and addictive tower defenses titles. The objective like others in this genre is to build defense towers along a predetermined path to prevent the enemies from reaching your “base”. The game takes place in a lush 2D forest environment with meticulously hand drawn characters that looks amazing in 1080p. By collecting gold coins and jewels from fallen monsters the player can research and upgrade their towers to reinforce their defenses in between each wave of enemies. Q-games took the simple real-time strategy concept of building, researching and base defending and presented it in a unique attractive style making PixelJunk Monsters an approachable and fun title while still being complex and challenging. This game will definitely keep you busy with 20 different levels, 3 different stages, trophy challenges, and offline co-op mode easily making this a clear-cut must download.

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Well there’s our recommendation of the top Playstation Network downloadable titles for the Playstation 3. We would love to see your list whether you agree or disagree. Feel free to do so via the comments below.



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22 04 2009
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24 04 2009

Cool list. I don’t really play many PSN games, I should give some of them a try though at some stage I think.

Keep up the good work and cheers for the comments.

24 04 2009

Super Puzzle Fighter II HD Turbo Remix, or whatever the hell it is called is also a good one.

29 04 2009

I like Flow better than Flower. Echochrome is a great puzzle game.

3 05 2009
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25 08 2009

Glad to see that you put Pixeljunk Monsters at the top of your list – it’s probably my favorite PS3 game, excepting maybe Dead Space. I’m still playing through Pixeljunk Monsters Encore, more than a year after I first bought the game.

20 02 2010

Good job on the list! I’m looking forward to new PSN games in 2010.

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