Demo Impressions

30 03 2009

Although a bit late I finally had the time to try out a few demos below are my impressions as I played through them.

WWE Legends of WrestleMania

I am at the age that I grew up watching the WWF with heroes such as Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Rick Flare, Jake the Snake Roberts, and Ultimate Warrior to name a few. Despite this I was not hugely hyped for the recent release of WWE Legends of WrestleMania which may be due to the current state of wrestling or the simple fact that I have never been a huge wrestling game fan. Although after installing the demo I immediately played the exhibition mode which is one of the two areas that is unlocked in the demo. The exhibition mode is a single match where the only two playable characters are Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant. The other game mode that is unlocked is called “relive” where you relive a certain match of significance while trying to complete certain objectives throughout the match. The gameplay and controls were easy to grasp and the moves were easy to execute which made the gameplay satisfying. The visuals overall were mediocre especially when it came to the environment of the arena. The crowd never seemed alive and appeared to be taken directly out of a Madden 02 game.

WWE Demo

My conclusion is this game isn’t about eye opening graphics or revolutionary gameplay but about nostalgia which I immediately felt while playing this demo. Despite the visuals flaws the game played well and was fun to play. For me the game was a nice throw back to the good times of wrestling while being a thoughtless masher. If that plus the added benefit of the nostalgia interests you then I would recommend at least renting this game

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

I also had the opportunity to play Wanted: Weapons of Fate which again I had no intention of purchasing before playing the demo. After installation the demo drops you off in an airplane without much story or mechanics revealed with the simple objective to reach the cockpit. The gun mechanics were different once I actually found out how to use them just by experimenting and added a different dimension to the game. The cover seemed to work flawlessly however never appeared to be essential to advancing in the level. The levels in the demo were very linear where you would advance to cover, shot enemies then rinse and repeat. After a few levels the demo ends with a teaser trailer and a release date of 03/24/09. The visuals looked first rate even during all of the action and while the controls weren’t traditional didn’t hinder the gameplay at all.

Wanted: Demo

As a pure shooter the game was fun but the repetitive nature of the game could get old, however given the length of the demo it is hard to tell. Also because no story or plot was given it was hard to stay engaged into the game, granted that will obviously be different in the retail version. Admittedly I had no intention of purchasing this title however after playing the demo I may pick it up in the future but is not a launch buy for me. If you are looking for a fun shooter with interesting gun mechanics then by all means try this title as its available now.

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1 04 2009
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2 04 2009

Agree with you on WWE – really did have that old skool feel. My impressions if you’re interested…

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