Killzone 2 Review

10 03 2009


In the recently released PlayStation 3 exclusive, Killzone 2, players continue their struggle with the Helghast yet this time on enemy territory. During the assault of Helghan your ultimate goal is the capture of adversary leader of the Helghast, Emperor Scolar Visari. The story is as cliché as all other first-person shooters, but that isn’t what is in question. The real question is whether or not Killzone 2 delivers on all of the promises and expectations set upon it and can actually sell units and/or systems.

First on a side note I have read my fair share of reviews of this game and feel some are simply whining. Are the default controls different? Yes, but that shouldn’t hurt a game especially since you are given the opportunity to change the lay out. As far as the controller lag others have mentioned, that has already been fixed via their 1.20 patch. Is the game hard? No, it’s challenging but I enjoyed being challenged and finding alternate ways to complete a mission or game when the way I was trying hasn’t worked.

Anyways, now that I got that off of my back on with my full review.

Single Player

You know those reviews I was just talking about? There is one thing everyone unanimously agrees upon which are the graphics and that is no different here. The visuals are stunning and easy rank up there with any console game to date, but it’s the attention to detail that really makes it stand out. Although the audio, which I feel as been overlooked, is just as good and in conjunction with the graphics give a much more genuine experience. The environment actually feels like a living breathing world which you have an impact on.

Killzone 2 Screenshot 4

But more importantly it’s addicting and fun. I finished the game in approximately 8 hours which is on par with most games in this genre. The single player experience was intense with each victory being earned and hard won, the satisfaction of slowly pushing back the Helghast army was unlike any recent game. The layout of the levels seemed to perfectly transition the player between smaller battles to larger scale battles all of which felt fulfilling. The main mechanic that was different in this game that other games was you had to be more methodical and use the cover provided, although I did have more success shooting from the hip then aiming down the sights. Throughout the campaign the game stayed fresh by sprinkling in vehicles, a mechanical suit as well as always having a comrade by your side providing the usual snide comments.

Killzone 2 Screenshot 1

I did however have two small complaints, one being during the in-game loading/saving the game would have small hiccups and sometimes freeze for a few seconds. The other was when you were being shot from multiple directions it was sometimes hard to differentiate what direction you were being shot from. Neither of these minor complaints in my opinion took anything away from the game and is actually a testament of how good the game is especially if these are the only two complaints I could come up with. Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how well the entire single player campaign was put together and truly enjoyed the game and will without doubt be replaying it.


Now if the controls were to be a problem, here is where I would expect the problem would show up, but again the recent patch has fixed this issue. The online system while it does have a slight learning curve is pure enjoyment and a real time sinker. The leveling system while lengthy is different, refreshing and addictive as is the structure of the games.

Killzone 2 Screenshot 5

Instead of playing just one game like search and destroy then going back to the lobby for the next search and destroy game Killzone 2 went about it a different way, where each game switches objectives every five minutes. For instance you could be defending an area like domination and then switch to search and destroy and again switch to body count all within the same map. The overall winner of these objectives will get an experience multiplayer bonus and the next match will be set to begin on a different map. However if you choose to just do a single objective match that can still be selected or even customized and started by yourself. To actually join a match of 32 people with no lag is enjoyable and a feat by itself but every aspect seems to be just as polished as the single player campaign.

Killzone 2 Screenshot 2

The ability to join a friend that is already in a game worked flawlessly and shortly after leveling you gain the ability to make a squad enabling team chat via just your squad. The online multiplayer is where most users will get the replay ability and hours of enjoyment, stats are meticulously tracked and you can even watch replays and much more via their website . The online multiplayer is truly as full featured as any current game on any system and without a doubt provides a one of a kind experience.


It’s hard not to judge this game against recent successes like Call of Duty, but this game does a good job of being unique and different while still providing the thrill and concept that made Call of Duty so successful. I really enjoyed my time with Killzone 2 and actually enjoyed myself more as I continued to play. The trophies are fun and actually coincide with the game but challenge the gamer as well. The single player was engrossing and the pacing was perfect leading to a fun and challenging game that I will most certainly play again. But the meat and the potatoes of this game is the online multiplayer. In my eyes this is a must buy for any first-person shooter fan even if you aren’t you can still marvel in the beauty that is Killzone 2 which ultimately could make you a fan. Killzone 2 is an excellent game that I applaud and whole heartily stand behind. If you haven’t picked it up yet and are still on the fence do yourself a favor and go pick it up, you won’t be disappointed.

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Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

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Nice review man, totally agree. They have done a great job with this game – single and multi player.

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