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3 03 2009

Yesterday via the official Playstation blog it was announced that effective today after logging in you will be able to view your own trophies online at Now while I usually don’t post breaking news, many other outlets do that, I did have an opinion which I am never shy to give.

While obviously on the surface this is great news for all the PS3 owners and a step in the right direction for Sony to show the fans they are working on the online aspect and following through with promises. But it ultimately shows how far behind Sony is on this feature. All of us fans would like other elements added like social trophy cards that the compitetion has add for awhile. Now granted to their credit this is only phase 1 of their plans but just feel this should have been implemented earlier.

Anyways, enough with the pessimistic views – I am happy this was announced and look forward to the future integrations they have planned. As for the release here is a quote from the official release located here along with a video of what to expect to see when you log in. Enjoy!

If you haven’t already signed in to using your PSN ID, you’re definitely going to want to tomorrow (sign in here). When we introduced PlayStation Trophies last year we promised we would be extending the feature to the web. We are near ready to release our first phase which will allow you to view your PlayStation Trophies on with all of the details you can see on your PS3. Later this year, we’ll enhance these features giving you the ability to compare and sort trophies in new ways.

As always we would love to hear your feedback, let us know how we are doing and drop us a comment below.

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1 04 2009
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