Demo Impressions

30 03 2009

Although a bit late I finally had the time to try out a few demos below are my impressions as I played through them.

WWE Legends of WrestleMania

I am at the age that I grew up watching the WWF with heroes such as Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Rick Flare, Jake the Snake Roberts, and Ultimate Warrior to name a few. Despite this I was not hugely hyped for the recent release of WWE Legends of WrestleMania which may be due to the current state of wrestling or the simple fact that I have never been a huge wrestling game fan. Although after installing the demo I immediately played the exhibition mode which is one of the two areas that is unlocked in the demo. The exhibition mode is a single match where the only two playable characters are Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant. The other game mode that is unlocked is called “relive” where you relive a certain match of significance while trying to complete certain objectives throughout the match. The gameplay and controls were easy to grasp and the moves were easy to execute which made the gameplay satisfying. The visuals overall were mediocre especially when it came to the environment of the arena. The crowd never seemed alive and appeared to be taken directly out of a Madden 02 game.

WWE Demo

My conclusion is this game isn’t about eye opening graphics or revolutionary gameplay but about nostalgia which I immediately felt while playing this demo. Despite the visuals flaws the game played well and was fun to play. For me the game was a nice throw back to the good times of wrestling while being a thoughtless masher. If that plus the added benefit of the nostalgia interests you then I would recommend at least renting this game

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

I also had the opportunity to play Wanted: Weapons of Fate which again I had no intention of purchasing before playing the demo. After installation the demo drops you off in an airplane without much story or mechanics revealed with the simple objective to reach the cockpit. The gun mechanics were different once I actually found out how to use them just by experimenting and added a different dimension to the game. The cover seemed to work flawlessly however never appeared to be essential to advancing in the level. The levels in the demo were very linear where you would advance to cover, shot enemies then rinse and repeat. After a few levels the demo ends with a teaser trailer and a release date of 03/24/09. The visuals looked first rate even during all of the action and while the controls weren’t traditional didn’t hinder the gameplay at all.

Wanted: Demo

As a pure shooter the game was fun but the repetitive nature of the game could get old, however given the length of the demo it is hard to tell. Also because no story or plot was given it was hard to stay engaged into the game, granted that will obviously be different in the retail version. Admittedly I had no intention of purchasing this title however after playing the demo I may pick it up in the future but is not a launch buy for me. If you are looking for a fun shooter with interesting gun mechanics then by all means try this title as its available now.

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Let us know what you think below in the comments we would love to hear from you.


Interview with Sev1512 of PlayStation LifeStyle

18 03 2009


In this month’s interview I had the special opportunity to interview Sev1512 Owner/Editor-in-Chief of a highly successful PlayStation centered website located at During this exchange we discussed many things such as: his experience creating and running his own website, his background and a few of his favorite games. Check out the full exchange below.

BTDP: First off, tell me a little about yourself.

I am owner and editor-in-chief of PlayStation LifeStyle. I am a 26 year old union carpenter from Boston turned gaming journalist. I am a family man first. I love my wife Karissa and my daughter Ava, who was just born this past September. I have been gaming since I was 3, and have owned every major console since the NES.

Editors note: Congrats on the baby, my daughter is truly a blessing but has me wrapped around her finger. Be careful! 🙂

BTDP: At your site,, viewers can find relevant PlayStation news. What else can any viewers expect to find?

At you can find reviews, trophy guides, and a thriving community. Not only can you find those things, you encounter our personalities and our love for gaming as well. We are gamers, we made our site for gamers, and we write our reviews and news from a gamer perspective.

BTDP: When did you first start PlayStation LifeStyle? How did you come up with it?

I wanted to have a site that talked about how PlayStation is part of my life and the lives of most PlayStation gamers like myself. Thus PlayStationLifeStyle was born. I created PlayStation LifeStyle on May 19th, 2008, so as you can see we have come a long way in a short amount of time.

BTDP: Your site was initially a blog, correct? What was the process you took to present day?

Well, I had some friendly acquaintances that worked at SCEA, and I was privy to some information, so I decided to create a wordpress blog. On March 26th, 2008, I created  It became rather successful quickly, so I decided I would take it further. We actually remained on the free service up until March 1st of this year. I got sick of all of the limitations, so I switched to my own host, and I chose to use a customized setup.

BTDP: What was your motivation to start your site?

My motivation, honestly, was to live a life-long dream of being part of the gaming industry. As long as I can remember I was reading EGM (may it rest in peace) and thought, “Hey, I could do that”, and here I am today, reviewing games, talking to developers, and publishers, I even attended last year’s E3, and intend to again this year.

BTDP: What did you hope would come from your site?

Well at first I wasn’t sure at all what I wanted out of my site. I mostly wanted to expose info that wasn’t yet ready to be uncovered. But that didn’t always work in my favor. It pissed of quite a bit of developers and pissed off Sony, which is counter-productive when running a PlayStation website. So I had a policy change. Now my main goal is to bring PlayStation gamers the news that they want to read, as well as giving the users a community where they feel like we are one of them. We read our news. I can’t tell you how many times I visited my own site only to read news I hadn’t seen yet. We post the news we (and consequently, gamers) would want to read.

BTDP: How were you able to get so much success in such a sort amount of time?

I wish I had a more definite answer for that…but I’d say it was a combination of determination, finding the right staff, and a whole lot of luck.

BTDP: How did you initially promote your site?

We did the normal social site submissions (N4G, Digg and such). But most of our readership came from the official PlayStation forums, as I was and still am an active member of that community. We also have made it on the PlayStation.Blog a couple of times now, which is an honor.

BTDP: Did you ever think you would have been this successful?

Actually, I really didn’t. I never would have imagined, in today’s world full of gaming sites, that I would be successful. I am truly lucky. I really appreciate each and every person who visits my site, and I try my best to show it. My community knows that, and I think that is why they keep coming back.

BTDP: How did/do you plan to set yourself apart from other news sites?

The majority of gaming sites’ staff seem to be very serious. When you comment on JoyStiq or other big name sites, you never hear from the authors or editors. For all we know, they might not even like gaming or even own a PS3…I live and breathe PlayStation and have for the past decade. I even game with my readers. That connection with the community is what sets us apart. Our readers aren’t just readers, they are friends that live PlayStation right along side of me.

BTDP: What were your initial plans to monetize your site, have those plans changed?

I originally had no plans at all to monetize the site. It was something I wanted to do, but since I was using free software, we couldn’t use ads. Making money off doing something I love wasn’t a concern to me, which is why I always took such offense to people who said “they do it for hits”…things have changed, my daughter was born, and the economy has slid into a recession. Due to those reasons exactly, I had to reconsider financial gain, and only this past month added some advertisements to the site. They haven’t really started paying off yet, but I am confident they will.

BTDP: What do you hope to gain from this site? A career?

Well, I am not really looking for a career. If that happens, great! In the mean time, I enjoy what I do, and I will keep at it as long as I can. At this point I feel I have a responsibility to my readers, and I feel compelled to fulfill that responsibility as best as I can.

BTDP: What kind of opportunities has this site given you?

It has given me the opportunity to live out a childhood dream. It has given me a chance to attend E3. I get early review copies of games and I am in direct contact with developers and publishers that make the industry I love so much thrive. All of these opportunities I am grateful for.

BTDP: What’s one thing that has surprised you through this process?

Aside from the success, would have to be the support from fans. There are a few people on N4G that love to bash me and the site. It puts a huge smile across my face when I see people come to defend me. I feel bad that they feel they have to, but the fact they feel that myself and my site are worth defending is the best thank you I could get.

BTDP: At what specific time do you remember knowing your site had an impact?

Probably when we were featured on the PS.Blog the first time. I realized then that I had at least a small effect on the gaming industry, which was enough for me.

BTDP: What has been your biggest accomplishment, regarding PlayStation LifeStyle?

My biggest accomplishment is having so many return visitors. Sure, unique are good on paper, but return visitors and regulars are what make me the happiest.

BTDP: What was your biggest mistake?

My biggest mistake was posting rumors. While I still do from time to time, I make sure I get the ok to write it up as a “rumor”, that way I don’t piss anyone off.

BTDP: What is your all-time favorite game?

That is a tough one, since there are so many good games out there. If I had to choose one, I would say it was Chrono Trigger for SNES. My favorite series, on the other hand, would have to be Metal Gear Solid.

BTDP: What is your favorite game of this generation?

Metal Gear Solid 4. Hideo Kojima is just an incredible video game designer.

BTDP: What game(s) are you currently playing?

I am currently playing Killzone 2 and Street Fighter IV.  My nickname is Sev (my last name IS Severino, after all), so playing Killzone 2 and seeing that the main character is named Sev is a real treat.

BTDP: Any advice to others trying to duplicate your success?

Persevere. Running a website can get rough and very difficult. It’s hard to get attention in such a crowded industry. As long as you are determined and stick with it no matter what, you are bound to have some success. Always remain true to who you are and remain focused on your goals.

BTDP: You recently had a major change to your site, tell us about that.

Glad you noticed! I wanted a new look, and I wanted a more dynamic and content-filled home page. So we hired the talented Nate from (whose clients include N4G, and and others) and he took my vision and made it a reality. The response from users so far has been incredible. Everyone really seems to like it. It’s much more professional looking than what we had before, and we hope that it helps take us even further, helping us to achieve our goal of growing as a reliable and trusted gaming industry news source.

BTDP: What are your plans for the future?

I plan to relax, haha! The site change has really taken a lot out of me. All of the preparations, all of the planning…we even had some major server outages that lasted a couple days at a time. We got way too much traffic for the host we were using. We now have our own server, and things are working smoothly now. So I can finally breathe and relax for at least the immediate future.

Although based on what has happened in my life, I find that you cannot really plan for the future, you can only deal with the present as best as you can. So I take one day at a time, and try to make the most out of each and every day.

BTDP: Anything else you would like to add?

Yes, I would like to add that I appreciate you interviewing me, I wish you the best of luck in your future, and one final important thing…..


Again I would like to thank Sev1512 for agreeing to do this with me and taking time out of his busy schedule. If you haven’t checked out their site  filled with great writers and a solid community head over to right now. I would like to wish them continued success in everything they do.

If you enjoyed this particular exchange and would like to check out any of our other interviews feel free to check them out here. Also keep the feedback and suggestions coming on future installments of this feature by leaving a comment below or emailing us directly. In the meantime check out our other articles by taking a virtual stroll around the site.

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What to Play: March 8-14, 2009

12 03 2009

[Updated 03/16/09]

Once again its that time of the week, your right – its not. However I will be away from the interwebs for the weekend so this will have go up a bit earlier. If any of the releases change I will update the post when I get back on Sunday. For now enjoy this weeks dose of playable content. If you would like to check out any previous weeks its just a click away. So, without further a do… Enjoy!

PS3 Logo

Resident Evil 5 USA/PAL $59.99/£44.99
Trivial Pursuit USA/PAL $39.99/£39.99
Metal Gear Solid 4 (Platinum) PAL £24.99
Millennium Series Championship Paintball 2009 PAL £29.99
SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals (Game Only) PAL £19.99
SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals (Headset Bundle) PAL £39.99
Army of Two (Greatest Hits) JPN $40.00
Musou Orochi Z JPN $80.00
Need for Speed: Pro Street (Greatest Hits) JPN $40.00
Playstation Network Games (PSN)
Hi-Octane (PSOne) PAL £3.99
Street Skater 2 (PSOne) PAL £3.99
Astro Tripper USA $4.99
BUZZ! Junior: Jungle Party USA $4.99
Red Baron Arcade USA $9.99
Demos (via PSN)
Wheelman USA/PAL Free
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena USA Free
Red Baron Arcade USA Free
WWE Legends of Wrestlemania USA Free
Downloadable Content (DLC)
Guitar Hero World Tour: Rise Against USA/PAL Varies
Rock Band Weekly USA/PAL Varies

If there is anything else you would like to see included or have any feedback regarding this feature please feel free to leave us a comment below. We look forward to hear what you have to say.

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Game Review Stance

10 03 2009

Pencil & Paper

Since my first review has just gone up, read that here, I decided it would be best to explain my stance on reviews. It will be my goal to provide the most efficient way to deliver the critical information you need to make an educated buying decision. I personally am not a fan of the detail seven page reports basically divulging the whole entire story. I am of the understanding that if you are already reading a review you have some knowledge of the game and just need some basic information to see if the game is fun and if you should buy it. Therefore that will be the information I am going to provide. I will refrain from giving a specific game a numerical or alphabetical score that only encourages others to compare games strictly on that scale which is unfair to the reviewer as well as the game. However this practice may change in the future depending on the demand. I will instead give my honest feedback of the game and suggest the gamer either buys, rents, or avoids it. Again these are my opinions and may differ from your own beliefs or likes.

I DO NOT receive any review copies; I purchase or rent all of games just like you the consumer which is partially why I will base my reviews that way. Since I do have to purchase or rent my games I will not be able to get the review out as early as some mainstream sites that get review copies, but you can be certain that you will get an honest review. If in fact I do in the future receive review copies that will be explicitly stated in the review and we will be sure not to let that affect our score. We will also be upfront on whether or not we have completed the game and exactly which aspects of the game we did or did not explore. I am a gamer first and that is who my loyalty is to, therefore an honest review is what you will always get.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this process we would be happy to hear them, lets us know via the comments below. Or maybe you would like to contact us directly that can also be done by emailing us here. Finally to check out any of our reviews check here, better yet bookmark that section so you can easily find our future reviews as well.

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Killzone 2 Review

10 03 2009


In the recently released PlayStation 3 exclusive, Killzone 2, players continue their struggle with the Helghast yet this time on enemy territory. During the assault of Helghan your ultimate goal is the capture of adversary leader of the Helghast, Emperor Scolar Visari. The story is as cliché as all other first-person shooters, but that isn’t what is in question. The real question is whether or not Killzone 2 delivers on all of the promises and expectations set upon it and can actually sell units and/or systems.

First on a side note I have read my fair share of reviews of this game and feel some are simply whining. Are the default controls different? Yes, but that shouldn’t hurt a game especially since you are given the opportunity to change the lay out. As far as the controller lag others have mentioned, that has already been fixed via their 1.20 patch. Is the game hard? No, it’s challenging but I enjoyed being challenged and finding alternate ways to complete a mission or game when the way I was trying hasn’t worked.

Anyways, now that I got that off of my back on with my full review.

What to Play: March 1-7, 2009

6 03 2009

Its that time of the week again, ok no — not THAT time. Its time for What to Play where we highlight the weeks playable content. Unsure if that DLC was delayed, curious to see if a Demo was released? This is your place. If you would like to check out any previous weeks its just a click away. So without further a do… Enjoy!

PS3 Logo

Major League Baseball 2K9 USA $59.99
MLB ’09 USA $59.99
Tom Clancy’s HAWX USA/PAL $59.99/£34.99
Eat Lead: The Return Of Matt Hazard PAL £34.99
Playstation Network Games (PSN)
Watchmen: The End is Nigh USA/PAL $19.99/£12.99
Demos (via PSN)
Age of Booty USA Free
Wanted USA/PAL Free
Watchmen: The End is Nigh USA/PAL Free
WWE: Legends of WrestleMania PAL Free
Downloadable Content (DLC)
Burnout Paradise: Toy Cars Pack USA/PAL Varies
Guitar Hero World Tour USA/PAL Varies
High Velocity Bowling Characters USA/PAL $.99/£.79 ea.
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm: Storm Pack 10 USA Free
Prince of Persia: Epilogue USA/PAL $10.00/£7.99
Rock Band USA/PAL Varies
Skate 2: Throwback Pack USA/PAL Free
Street Fighter IV: Shoryuken Pack USA $3.99
Lumines Supernova: Classic Pack PAL £3.19
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm: Storm Pack 8 PAL Free
Street Fighter IV “Femme Fatale” PAL £3.19

If there is anything else you would like to see included or have any feedback regarding this feature please feel free to leave us a comment below. We look forward to hear what you have to say.

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Killzone 2 Patch 1.20 is Live

6 03 2009


For all of those Killzone 2 fans out there, honestly who isn’t? You will be happy to hear that the new patch which will be released today, first in EU then here in the states among other things will fix the control issue a lot of people have been complaining about. I personally didn’t have a huge problem with it but I am glad Guerilla Games listened to their fans. Here is the full list of fixes.

* Stability issue regarding randomly named games resolved.
* Stability fix when rapidly tapping (X) can cause crash on spawn-select.
* Stability issue regarding Saboteur’s disguise ability resolved.
* Stability fix on ‘Creating game’ with a blank name.
* Stability fix for repeatedly entering exiting game.
* The Ignore list functionality corrected.
* Unlock of “Frontrunner” Medal now functioning correctly.
* Fix for incorrect award of win to clan not showing for game resolved.
* Battle Replay for Corinth Crossing not appearing correctly on
* Issue with not being able to defuse the Search and Destroy objective resolved.
* HUD issue correction during Assassination mode when playing as a Medic.
* Controller input tweaks and modifications.
* Fix for auto-lock on of shotgun exploit.
* Fix for D-Charge issues in Campaign mode.

Taken from here

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