Relationships & Gaming

25 02 2009


Playing video games is a hobby in which I enjoy but at times can take up a huge chunk of my time, while some have that time to waste others like myself have a wife and a family making it difficult to strike that perfect balance. How can we as gamers find that time to enjoy our hobby but also not let any of our relationships suffer because of it? Is it possible for both of these to successfully co-exist and if so, how can that be done? I by no means have all the answers but will attempt to answer those questions.

As if relationships weren’t hard enough already combine the fact that most gamers are automatically flagged as irresponsible and lazy therefore the uninformed will automatically believe this. However gaming like most hobbies is something you enjoy doing on your free time and if taken too far can obviously be harmful to not only your health but the health of your relationships. Therefore the first tip is moderation, you must be careful that the time you do spend gaming is actually “free” time, nothing will upset a spouse more that neglecting a priority in order to play games. It is sometimes difficult for me to understand how my wife could possibly enjoy scrapbooking but have come to terms that is something she enjoys spending her time doing and understand and support her hobby. Which is our next tip, be understanding, most gamers aren’t lucky enough to also have a spouse who understands our hobby or even one who games themselves. But in order for your spouse to put up with your hobby you also need to be supportive and understand their hobby, whatever that may be. Heck, you can even have hobby time where you get the time to game and she has the time to do what she enjoys. At times there is nothing I want to do more than to get some gaming in but instead that time would be better spent with my wife and family enjoying both of their company. So the last tip is to make time for others whether or not that includes your personal family or just friends. It is very rewarding and in the end may allow you more gaming time. Whether I always show it or not my wife and child both need to know that they will ALWAYS come before my hobby and nothing shows that more than deciding to spend some time with them instead of gaming.

So, how can you accomplish both being in a successful relationship, being a father and having time to game? Which I admit I am not perfect at and sometimes cross the line but it ultimately boils down to prioritizing your responsibilities, using moderation, being understanding and making time for family. If you have any tips to share or feedback regarding the article let us know below in the comments. Also feel free to check out any of our other articles or make a suggestion on what you would like us to cover; we would love to hear from you.

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2 responses

20 03 2009

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

12 08 2010

Hey, my name is Ron Young and I’m a student at The Art Institute of Charlotte. I’m actually doing my thesis project on gamers in relationships. My goal is to give tips to help gamers in relationships. Show how to have and relationship and still have time with the spouse. The same thing applies for the person that wants to make a relationship with a gamers, to show tips to help them in the relationship. If you don’t mind, can you give me your honest input on gamers in relationships. Are you a gamer in a relationship on in one with a gamer. I appreciate it

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