What’s The Future of System Exclusives?

19 02 2009

This year Sony expects to reap the rewards of many exclusive titles set to release on the PlayStation 3, such as Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain and InFamous just to name a few. But in the future can we expect these titles to stay exclusive or even expect exclusive titles at all? It is of my opinion that the days of system exclusives is coming to an end and a different model will be born.

First off its not financially sound for game companies to not include a potential market by omitting a console, especially in our current economic market. Games are taking more and more time to develop as a result the resources in which it takes to produce is also increasing putting a bigger burden on the sales of the finished product. Therefore if a certain title under-performs the company is in a bigger financial hole than previous years. A prime example of this is the long PlayStation exclusive Final Fantasy series that upon its next release will be available on BOTH major consoles.

So, how does this affect us as gamers? Despite the constant battle between fanboys on which console is better which ultimately boils down to PS3 exclusives vs. 360 exclusives I think this will benefit gamers. For instance, I only own a PlayStation 3 and would love to play such franchises as Gears of War or Halo as I am sure Xbox owners would enjoy playing the Metal Gear Solid series or God of War series. Conversely I can also see this as being portrayed as a negative with some saying that if both major consoles have the same releases then what is the need for two different consoles. This would eliminate the competition which directly motivates each company to improve and provide more for their consumers, gamers. To counter that argument I believe that can be alleviated by such things as exclusive content, DLC, or timed exclusives releases.

This brings me to what I believe the gaming stratosphere will begin to look like. It is of my opinion that these exclusive titles will soon become obsolete instead the tides will shift into something like exclusive content like GTA 4 or timed exclusive releases like that of Bioshock. This in my eyes will benefit both the game companies by allowing them to tap into a different market as well as allowing us gamers the opportunity to try different games.

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What do you think? Whether you agree or disagree let your voice be heard by leaving a comment below. Also feel free to check out some of our other articles as well.




9 responses

19 02 2009

no no no system exclusives will remain almost exactly what they are today. All the main companies making system exclusives are 1st party ( with the exception of Epic and a few others ). That means that Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo own the developers. Those games will never go multi platform no way. However as you say DLC will become increasingly exclusive, who ever pays will win out.

19 02 2009

Do you research.

Heavy Rain, Infamous, God of War, Uncharted, Killzone 2 are all made by Sony or companies that Sony own.

They will never lose exclusivity.

Final Fantasy is made by a 3rd party company.

19 02 2009

@Cayal: I appreciate your feedback. However to even correct you Quantic Dream is developing Heavy Rain and is NOT owned by Sony. But then again, that wasn’t the point of the article and I think you missed the intent. I was not specifically signaling out those titles.

@Dom6390: Just because they never have why does that mean they never will? I agree, currently it would be foolish for either first party developer to make a multi-platform game but like I attempted to state that may change.

19 02 2009

Fair enough on Quantic Dream, however why bring up games that will never go to another platform to make a point?

And First Party developers can’t make games for anyone else. That is why they are first party because they are owned by Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo.

You mean 2nd party (such as Insomniac) and third party exclusives (Gears of War from Epic) right? Even then, it depends on who owns the IP (eg. Sony own the Ratchet and Clank series, Resistance. I don’t know if Microsoft own Gears of War, but it prevents them from being moved).

19 02 2009

Some companies will remain largely multiplatform: EA, Capcom, etc. with a few exclusives here and there from even these companies.

But the companies that are making games like Killzone 2, God of War III, Heavy Rain, etc. know where the need to be to make the quality games they want: PS3.

19 02 2009

@Cayal: The only first party games I brought up were in the beginning of the article to point out that the systems depend a lot on exclusives and Sony is expecting to reap those rewards. As for the other first party games that were mentioned I simply said I obviously would like to play them, and 360 fans would like to play but did not say they would go multi-platform.

The others I used as an example GTA 4 & Bioshock are not first party games. Anyways the intent of the article was to state I believe the industry is changing and like you said the 2nd and 3rd party exclusive games might be becoming multi-platform.

Again, Thanks for the feedback.

23 02 2009

Interesting point raised – not sure whether exclusives will go away as such becuase I would imagine Sony developed titles will stay on PS3 but I agree with you about exclusive downloadable content.

Can imagine a lot of companies will release on both and then sign exclusive rights (for a certain period) for their DLC.

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