Farewell EGM

22 01 2009

If you haven’t already found out about the selling of 1UP which resulted in layoffs and the closing of EGM by now then feel free to find a different source for the details, it has been talked about enough that I don’t feel the need to go into grave details. This particular post is more of a farewell tribute to the actual magazine. Don’t get me wrong the magazine was successful because of the different personalities it had writing for them however I don’t see a reason to part ways with them nor feel sorry for them. They each have enough talent and skill that this will not be the end for them and most likely they will find something that will challenge each individual to become better. In fact most of the ex-employees are already well into their own endeavors, which is admirable, and if you want to follow them they can be found at Eat-Sleep-Game where they just released their third episode of Rebel FM as well as Area 5 where they also just launch “CO-OP”. This is more of a farewell to a magazine that not only has very fond memories from many gamers but also has inspired multiple talented individuals to enter the business. It feels like a pet died or a girlfriend lost – you cherish the good times you had but also mourn the loss of something very close or sentimental to you. I can remember as a child how I could not wait for a friend to finish reading the latest issue so I could get my hands on it and dream that one day I would be able to play these games and even one day have a job as good as they had. I wish I had the opportunity to work with such visionary, talented, hardworking people. Despite lasting 20 years I wish it could have lasted another 20 however I will obviously spin the situation in a positive light and use this incident as motivation for myself. So, Farewell… EGM.

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