Killzone 2: Over Hyped?

15 01 2009

Killzone 2 is a science fiction first person shooter being developed by Guerilla Games that is set to release for the PS3 on February 25. As of late this game has gained a significant amount of hype over the interwebs with some “professionals” stating that the hype could actually hurt the game since the increased hype leads to amplified expectations. However I doubt any developer will downplay the importance of hype and coverage for their game. In turn I believe Killzone 2 DOES deserve all of the recognition and attention it is getting and is a testament to their marketing plan. From all indications Killzone 2 could have been released at the end of last year and suffered the fate of many other titles by being overlooked just because the sheer mass of triple A titles being released. However they choose a release date where they would be the only major title to talk about in turn increasing their coverage. I think this plan should be followed more and other developers need to take note on the success Killzone 2 is having in the media. Granted Killzone 2 appears to be a great game and deserves this recognition no matter when it is released and can be argued that if it was a lesser title the uproar would not be the same. So, no I personally don’t believe Killzone 2 is over hyped and is just enjoying the success of a good marketing plan that should be more closely followed by other developers.

Disagree or have some feedback then leave a comment below.

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One response

16 02 2009

I agree it was a touch overhyped but it’s a quality title. Link below if you’re interested in my (spoiler free) review.


Check out my Killzone 2 review:

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