New Metal Gear Solid Game Announced

19 12 2008

If you have been hiding under a rock and not heard about the controversy regarding Metal Gear Solid, Konami and Kojima Productions released a teaser about two weeks ago teasing a new Metal gear Solid game. See the splash page here. This caused a lot of speculation about what the game would be. The official word was supposed to be announced around the new year. However a recent leak of the information have forced Konami and Kojima Productions to confirm the title early. Despite popular deman the new title is NOT MGS4 for the Xbox 360 or even a future title for the 360, at least not yet. But rather a new game for the iPhone titled Metal gear Solid Touch. Which will be based on the MGS4 game but will be a “simple MGS”, think: Shooter. As much as a big MGS fan as I am this announcement does little for me. Although I am glad that atleast for now the MGS series will still be a PS3 exclusive Your thoughts? Would you like MGS4 to be available for the 360? Or does that even matter, let us know below via a comment below.

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