Post VGA’s: Impressions & Videos

17 12 2008

With the Video Game Awards come and gone this past Sunday on Spike TV we gamers were fortunate to have the viewing pleasure to see a few world premieres on some really promising titles. Besides those premieres they also stayed true to their title and handed out some awards, including game of the year, best PS3 title, best rpg and many others.

Despite the fact that these accolades are very personal decisions I disagree with many of them, including the pick for game of the year. They gave that honor to Grand Theft Auto IV and while a solid game don’t believe it deserves that proverbial creme that rose to the top. I could continue on but instead will just provide you with a list of the winners and you could decide for yourselves. Although if you are interested in my game of the year, stay tuned as that article should be showing up shortly.

Now, on to the reason we all actually tuned in to this monstrosity we call the Video Game Awards, the videos. First, a title that was recently picked up by EA,  Brutal Legend. While not knowing much about the title going into it I came out looking forward to playing it. However the one thing that caught me off guard was the release date, I had the impression this game would be coming out sooner than the stated Fall 2009 date. But with Tim  Schafer at the helm how could it go wrong. Check it out for yourselves.

The next premiere shown was GTA IV: Lost & Damned which will be sold as an add on and despite looking interested I doubt I personally will be picking it up. Although if it is properly priced could do well, I just feel that momentum has long passed and not many people have a huge desire to go back and play that game, especially given some of the newer titles being released. Anyways, here it is.

The next two are PS3 exclusives that make be all giddy inside that I have a PS3 and will be able to play these games. Both of them look visually stunning and are based on highly successful predecessor’s. No one can argue the fact that the God of War series was one of the best franchises on the PS2 system and the new installment looks to follow that path. Lastly the one I was most surprised with was Uncharted 2. Although I thoroughly enjoyed Drakes Fortune was unsure how the next installment would turn out, nevertheless it doesn’t seem like it will disappoint. I am anxiously awaiting the release of both of these titles and look forward to finding out more information. But for now here are the world premiere trailers for your drooling pleasure.

What do you think of the videos or Spike TV’s pick for the various awards, maybe you enjoy watching the show. Whatever the case feel free to let us  know by leaving a comment below.

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