Happy Holidays

25 12 2008

During this time of joy and celebration I just wanted to take time out of my day and wish all the readers a joyous, safe and Happy Holidays. As well as inform you all that I most likely will be taking a small break from posting while celebrating my holiday season.However I would like to thank those that have already been a part of this dream and I eagerly look forward to the future and hope you will be a part of it, as well as continue to visit and help spread the word. But don’t worry during this time off I will still be working diligently on stories and at the start of the new year will have many new articles and opinions to share. I hope that you make your way back here to view those as well.

However in the meantime I will leave you all with something to think about and respond to. Obviously any site is about its community and we are no different. Therefore at the start of the new year I would like to ask what you would like to see from us in the upcoming year, what would you like us to do, what would keep you coming back. I really want to hear your responses and suggestions. Give us an idea what you would like in the comment section below or drop us an email Here. Lastly check back to see some of my impressions and opinions of the games I will be playing during these holidays and of course my game of the year post which will be coming shortly.

I look forward to all of your responses and along with my thanks I wish you all a very happy holidays.


Interview with Doc at Sarcastic Gamer

23 12 2008

I recently had the magnificent opportunity to interview “Doc Adams”, founder of a highly successful community & blog located at www.sarcasticgamer.com. In this written exchange via email he was nice enough to divulge his experiences with his website as well as some tips for bloggers just starting out. Check out the full exchange below.

First off, Tell me a little about yourself

I’m Doc. Gemini. Gamer. Husband. Dad. Coast Guard Vet. I work in radio in Houston, TX.

At your site www.sarcasticgamer.com viewers can find relevant gaming news, what else can visitors expect to find?

Actually we really aren’t what I would call a news site. I don’t know what I would call us. It’s sort of a blog, mostly a community, flanked by some pretty killer podcasts. It’s sort of like gamer entertainment.

You were also recently involved in a charity event, tell us about that.

Extra Life was a wildly popular charity event that raised 115 thousand dollars in 24 hours to fight pediatric cancer. More than 1500 gamers from over a hundred different gaming communities participated. We’re FLOORED by the response we got… and have high hopes for the next one.

How did it turn out, how successful was it?

In so many ways yes. Monetarily the event raised four times what we had set as our goal. But more than that it raised awareness of the disease and gave a lot of people a place to talk about something that affects almost all of us in some way. All in all… a heck of a great event.

When did you first start sarcastic gamer? How did you come up with sarcastic gamer?

I was bored at work one day and just started writing some stuff. At about the same time I met the guys from GCN’s Video Game Show and Gamertag Radio. I started contributing a couple of little things to them, and when I saw the responses I realized that maybe there was a demand for that type of humor in the game-o-sphere.

From there, it snowballed into modern day

How long was it in development for?

It is STILL in development. Heh!

What was your motivation to start your site?

Boredom and the insatiable need to entertain people… or at least think I am.

What did you hope would come from this site?

I wanted to create an entertainment platform where the rules were whatever I wanted them to be. Thanks to my partners and staff that is happening. Sarcastic Gamer isn’t any one thing… Heck it might be something different to each of us. So… there’s your ambiguous answer. I wanted everything and expected nothing.

Did you ever think you would have been this successful?

Hoped for it… never expected it. Expectation is the mother of complacency in my opinion. But as thankful as we are for every member and listener we have, I also feel we have worked hard to earn their trust. Success is something we’re heading for. If we ever arrive we probably won’t even realize it, because we’re constantly shifting our goals to keep them ahead of reality. We can’t afford to get lazy.

How did you initially promote your site and gain traffic?

Parody Videos. We still haven’t spent a cent to promote Sarcastic Gamer. We take our ideas, produce them, release them, and sit back and hope Kotaku or Joystiq or GoNintendo will pick it up and like it. I think most of our community will tell you they found their way in by way of a parody song or podcast. The podcasts are sort of a self-perpetuating thing. Once you crack the top echelon you have a full time presence on iTunes… pretty much invaluable real estate. That in turn brings the peeps which rates the show even higher and so on and so forth. We worked hard to get up there, and continue to do so to stay there… because there’s always another show, or TV-network trying to knock you off.

How did you plan to set yourself apart from other sites?

Our people. Whereas most sites promote themselves, we usually promote the personalities of our podcasters and writers. This has its caveats but at the end of the day, if someone wanted to copy us, they’d have to hire us. Because there is only one… US.

What were your initial plans to monetize your site? Have those plans changed?

We’re in debt to our eyeballs but the future looks bright. We’ve stayed afloat with banner ads and an occasional podcast sponsorship. We do have HOPES to make enough to do this full time, but until then we’ll keep our day jobs and keep providing the service to our readers and listeners that they deserve. Their support is crucial. We also sell T-Shirts. (sarcasticgamer.com/store plug plug)

What kind of opportunities has this site given to you?

The chance to see some pretty neat things. I’ve been to Seattle to meet the folks from Microsoft Surface; I went to E3, Quakecon (twice), PAX, and CES this January. But the best “opportunity” is the most obvious one, getting to work with this incredible team of people. We’re like the bad news bears. We all have at least one position we play very well… When we keep that in mind and work to our strengths we do amazing things… every time.

What do you hope to gain from this site, would you like to make it a career?

A job. Yes!

At what specific time do you remember knowing your site had an impact?

I don’t think we’ve even begun to impact anything yet. Just wait. 2009 is going to be awesome

Your best memory?

Just before my friend Tori died of leukemia, the community came together and bought her a bunch of games and an Xbox, the money came in like 2 hours. Almost more than we could spend. She lit UP when she saw that stuff. I’ll never forget that incredible generosity.

What was the biggest mistake you made?

I never counted on having such an incredible team at my side. I tried to do it all myself for a long while. Learning to delegate and let eager folks do more… hardest lesson I learned.

What one thing did you do right the first time?

Choosing my podcast partners for the Red Show. No question.

Your advice to others sites trying to duplicate your success?

Good Luck! Work hard. Do what you say you are gonna do. Pray. Shore up your marriages… It takes a toll.

What are your plans for the future?

Just watch. Where we’re going… we don’t need… roads.

Again I would like to thank Doc Adams for taking time out of his busy schedule and agreeing to do this with me. If you would like to know more about his site or become a part of a wonderful community point your cursor to www.sarcasticgamer.com. Better yet help support their efforts and buy a T-Shirt while your ears consume their vocal melodies on one of many podcasts they offer.

In the future, if people respond in a positive note, I would like to make these interviews a regular contribution in this site. So, if you enjoyed this particular exchange of words in the form of an interview and have any ideas for future installments with somebody in the gaming and or blogging culture leave a comment below or contact me directly with your suggestions. In the meantime take a virtual stroll around and check out the other articles.

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New Metal Gear Solid Game Announced

19 12 2008

If you have been hiding under a rock and not heard about the controversy regarding Metal Gear Solid, Konami and Kojima Productions released a teaser about two weeks ago teasing a new Metal gear Solid game. See the splash page here. This caused a lot of speculation about what the game would be. The official word was supposed to be announced around the new year. However a recent leak of the information have forced Konami and Kojima Productions to confirm the title early. Despite popular deman the new title is NOT MGS4 for the Xbox 360 or even a future title for the 360, at least not yet. But rather a new game for the iPhone titled Metal gear Solid Touch. Which will be based on the MGS4 game but will be a “simple MGS”, think: Shooter. As much as a big MGS fan as I am this announcement does little for me. Although I am glad that atleast for now the MGS series will still be a PS3 exclusive Your thoughts? Would you like MGS4 to be available for the 360? Or does that even matter, let us know below via a comment below.

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Post VGA’s: Impressions & Videos

17 12 2008

With the Video Game Awards come and gone this past Sunday on Spike TV we gamers were fortunate to have the viewing pleasure to see a few world premieres on some really promising titles. Besides those premieres they also stayed true to their title and handed out some awards, including game of the year, best PS3 title, best rpg and many others.

Despite the fact that these accolades are very personal decisions I disagree with many of them, including the pick for game of the year. They gave that honor to Grand Theft Auto IV and while a solid game don’t believe it deserves that proverbial creme that rose to the top. I could continue on but instead will just provide you with a list of the winners and you could decide for yourselves. Although if you are interested in my game of the year, stay tuned as that article should be showing up shortly.

Now, on to the reason we all actually tuned in to this monstrosity we call the Video Game Awards, the videos. First, a title that was recently picked up by EA,  Brutal Legend. While not knowing much about the title going into it I came out looking forward to playing it. However the one thing that caught me off guard was the release date, I had the impression this game would be coming out sooner than the stated Fall 2009 date. But with Tim  Schafer at the helm how could it go wrong. Check it out for yourselves.

The next premiere shown was GTA IV: Lost & Damned which will be sold as an add on and despite looking interested I doubt I personally will be picking it up. Although if it is properly priced could do well, I just feel that momentum has long passed and not many people have a huge desire to go back and play that game, especially given some of the newer titles being released. Anyways, here it is.

The next two are PS3 exclusives that make be all giddy inside that I have a PS3 and will be able to play these games. Both of them look visually stunning and are based on highly successful predecessor’s. No one can argue the fact that the God of War series was one of the best franchises on the PS2 system and the new installment looks to follow that path. Lastly the one I was most surprised with was Uncharted 2. Although I thoroughly enjoyed Drakes Fortune was unsure how the next installment would turn out, nevertheless it doesn’t seem like it will disappoint. I am anxiously awaiting the release of both of these titles and look forward to finding out more information. But for now here are the world premiere trailers for your drooling pleasure.

What do you think of the videos or Spike TV’s pick for the various awards, maybe you enjoy watching the show. Whatever the case feel free to let us  know by leaving a comment below.

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Team Fortress 2, $10 this Weekend on Steam

13 12 2008

If your weekend was not already jam picked with Holiday shopping and trying to pick up all of the million triple A titles that have recently hit the selves, an article out soon will help you with that. Steam has just announced that during this weekend only Team Fortress 2 will be available for half price.

If you are one of the five people that have not already purchased this joyful first person shooter now would be a good time. Click here to check out the official word from Steam themselves.

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VGA’s to Feature World Premieres & More

11 12 2008

Jack Black will be hosting the 2008 Video Games Awards, which recently announced they will be featuring the world premiere of some blockbuster titles slated to hit the shelves in 2009 & 2010. Some of the games including God of War III and Uncharted 2 will be showing game play footage for the first time to the public eye. However, Jack Black won’t simply be hosting the awards but also promoting the new title by Tim Schafer, Brutal Legends, where he lends his vocals. Which means he will be sharing the stage with some notable titles such as the previously mentioned God of War III and Uncharted 2 as well as Fight Night, Terminator Salvation, Watchmen and a special Gears of War 2 announcement.

Along with these premieres the show will also have performances by LL Cool J and 50 Cent, who will also be promoting his new game. As well as giving out their annual awards for; game of the year, studio of the year, best shooter, best RPG, best graphics, best PS3 game, and best multiplayer game just to name a few.

If you are interested in watching the Video Game Awards make sure to tune into Spike TV on Sunday, December 14th at 9:00PM (EST). Also stay tuned right here for my impressions of the show and if I agree with certain titles chosen for an award.

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PlayStation Home Launches Today

11 12 2008

Earlier in the week it was reported that Home would launch before the end of 2008. At first these were just rumors however it was later confirmed to Joystiq that Home would in fact launch by the New Year. The original story can be found here.

We PS3 users have been promised a release date many times before all of which were later delayed so my first impression was, “ya right”. Although yesterday I was proven wrong as Sony announced via their blog that the open Beta of PlayStation Home will be available today, December 11th, 2008 in all regions.

PlayStation Home, available as a free download starting December 11, will launch directly from the PlayStation Home icon on the PlayStation Network column of XMB (XrossMediaBar) on PS3. Users will be able to experience basic features and services of PlayStation Home, free of charge. PlayStation Home will allow open interaction among users, business partners and SCE, and will evolve with additional features including dedicated game spaces, special events and exclusive themed items, to further enrich the entertainment experience on the PS3 platform.

Since I was not in the closed beta I have not personally seen the application, nor have I had the chance to download the service today. However when I do I will post my impressions of this much delayed service and let you know if it was worth the long wait. Will I even care? Is it a waste of time? Or will I find it fun to virtually hang out. Stay tuned in the near future to find out.

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